Surrogacy in Mexico - What the i.v.F.....

The short story is:

Yes, we did it. It worked. End of story.

It would be easy to leave it at that, but there is a lot more to share. This might be the only option available to other Intended Parents and they should know that there are other options.

I wrote my first post about going to Mexico for IVF and Surrogacy on 8/12/08. It was one line and meant as a joke, but opened up a door where I started to look into the clinic's they had and if they did surrogacy.

The answer was NO!!!! And came with a lot of other Spanish words that I didn't understand. The word NO, however is universal, except I am told in Jon's world, so I kept moving forward to find a clinic that would work with us.

While, the answer was NO, the price for IVF was right, so we needed to get a Doctor to say YES to surrogacy, or rather Si.

So I emailed some clinic's and most didn't respond. I got one Doctor that replied to me a few times and responded to some of my question's with a JAJAJAJAJAJAJA. I'm thinking that the guy is a lunatic and then I learn that a "J" in Spanish makes an "H" sound in English so his response is really HAHAHAHAHAHA. At least he is laughing at me and my suggestions and not a total lunatic.

However, even though he enjoy's my emails he will not work with us and our surrogate so I am still on the prowl for the perfect Doctor. One that will accept me as a client. At this point, my standards are not very high.

A Little Bit Pregnant in Mexico

I have been told that you can't be a little bit pregnant - either you are pregnant or you are not pregnant - there is no in between. Well I am here to tell you that we are a little bit pregnant. Mexico IVF worked for us in the first try and we were the first couple to go there where neither of us spoke any Spanish. We had a translator from the clinic with us every step of the way. Her name was Sofia and she was great.

Anyway, we have about a weeks worth of at home pregnancy tests that are showing that we are pregnant.

Everyone is pushing us for our Beta numbers and we are simply not interested in them. We would prefer to wait until the first ultrasound to found out how many have stuck around and are healthy.

We think that less is more this time around and that we will be fully pregnant when we enter week 38.