Another Wolf Story.......

I am bored with this part of the pregnancy - since it has been our first worry free week -
there is little for me to obsese about.

So today we will share a story about the wolf.

We have shared a story about the Mexican wolf and the Italian wolf. Now it's time for a
Cherokee Indian story.

One evening an old Cherokee Indian told his grandson about a battle that was going on inside himself.

He said, "My boy, the fight is between two wolves."

That certainly got the boy's attention.

"One is evil," the old man continued. "Anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego."

"What of the other, grandfather?" the boy asked.

"The other is good," he said. "Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Serenity, Humility, Kindness, Benevolence, Empathy, Generosity, Truth, Compassion and Faith."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Do we all have such wolves fighting inside us, grandfather?"

"Yes," the wise old man said.

"Then, which wolf wins the fight?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

Paco has a stong heart beat....

I am really slow on this update, but here are the pictures that matter:

The is a zoomed in picture of Paco's heart beating.
The red parts are his heart.


The baby has a current beta name of Paco. This is mainly a creation of our surrogate, which shows that we don't need to see eye to eye on everything and can still get along.

The heartbeat at the week 8 ultrasound is 167. This is very strong and means that Paco passed
the heartbeat challenge with flying colors.


On week 8 we measured 7 weeks 6 days and we are told that with an IVF pregnancy anywhere plus or minus 3 days is normal.

Now we should have around 4 weeks of clear stress free sailing.

The next main event for Paco is the Nuchal.
He will win this by having a skinny neck. No fat neck babies for us.

This week we killed the wolf.

Paco is Mighty.....

Short answer for now. I didn't want to keep everyone in suspense.

Baby doing very well passed the challenge with flying colors.

We will add more details late tonight.

The Hearbeat Challenge

Tomorrow morning is the Heart Beat Challenge for our baby.

I believe in competition, challenges, and having goals.

And this is one of the first early tests that we need to win.
Sometimes in life, you don't "want to win."
You "have to win."
And this is one of those moments.

Besides you can't start winning to early in life.

I believe that "success breeds success!" And that "one win leads to another."

So it's time for our baby to start "being a winner."

(Ya, I know, sports metaphors everywhere.)

Now before you start thinking that I am one of "those Dad's".
Trying to re-live my glory days through my child.

Remember, that I was born in the stone age before 8 week ultrasounds and
Heart Beat monitoring. So our baby will be praised or cursed on his own accomplishments.
Not compared to mine.

("Cursed" is clearly not the correct word to use, but I will have to start writing for Women's Home Journal if I start using phrases like "cried for.")

Nor, is this a team sport where his teammates can help or hurt his performance.
Nor, is he competing against another baby to see who has a higher heart beat.

He enters his first competition alone, there has been no coaching or instructions from us. Sure he has well documented fans, cheerleaders, and supports, but for this competition the spotlight is on him and he most perform without our help.

We can't hold his hand are pat him on the back for encouragement, but we are sure that he knows what to do and how to perform.

We are confident that he is prepared to win the Heart Beat Challenge.

Mexico Surrogacy Pioneer

Yes. We were first.

The first USA couple to our knowledge that went to Mexico for Surrogacy with a USA surrogate to get pregnant.

The have been a few other cases of surrogacy in Mexico. One couple from third country has a USA surrogate and did the transfer in Mexico City. But, that we know of where all 3 of us are from the USA.

The first where none of us speak Spanish.

And it was De Nada!!!

And the first to share our story on the internet.

So naturally, people question our choices. They attack our opinions. Question our values. At least in Mexico where Surrogacy is not common. They have agreed that it's legal and most people think that it's great, but a few question if it's moral.

Mexico is a Catholic country. And the church doesn't approve.

In the US, they want to know if it's safe, do they speak English, are they professional, is it legal?

And were we comfortable in our choice of a clinic?

Events in IVF land move fast. The people that don't live as infertile have a hard time keeping up. What is forbidden one day is standard practices the next year.

Just a few years ago only 25 US couples went to India for Surrogacy. Now it's in the hundreds.

Two years ago I started a blog called the tale of two surros. Many people said it was a horrible idea. That they wouldn't do it. Now it is almost the standard for international couples to use two surrogates.

With IVF everyone needs to draw their own lines on what is good for them. Most people are only focused on the mountain that they are climbing. The cross they bear. Or the bridge they have to cross.

For one couple it's IVF.
The next Surrogacy.
Another Egg or Sperm Donor's.
Single Parents.
Gay Couples.
60 year old Mothers.

They often think that the next step is too far, but that their step is just right. Or at least ok.

  • They justify it in their mind.
  • They have accepted their cross.
  • They are willing to pay their price.
  • But, question and doubt the next person and their choice.
As a Mexico Surrogacy Pioneer we have proudly gone first and have blazed a trail so that other Intended Parents can follow. We are sharing our story so that other couples can have a chance at a child.

The option is there. And It's affordable.

That is a wonderful message to share.

Changed Expectations......Top Ten List

The investigation continues.........

Here are the very important results of my internal investigation about the state of our pregnancy. We have not seen a Dr. in the last 72 hours so this is not based on any new information from a licensed and trained medical expert.


Our reported numbers, the percentages, the heart beat, the bleed, the through the roof extremely High Beta numbers, Dr. Google, the fact that I have never carried a baby, and my complete lack of any medical training.

With that being said - we have the all important discovery, findings, and my current made up beliefs.

  • Due to the high beta number we started out as twins.
  • Morning Sickness which didn't happen in the past with singleton's was in full strength due to the twins.
  • The bleed was one guy moving out, not a tear in the lining.
  • The Heart Beat numbers are within range and will be fine.
  • With one baby the morning sickness will go away.
  • I can be a nice guy again. No more "Bad Man".
  • The baby will be safe or safer at least now that it is a singleton.
  • The Heart Beat will rise accordingly and be stronger, due to no longer needing to share resources.
  • We are now more likely to have a full term healthy baby.

And the number one new expectation is my favorite.
  • We can expect to kiss the NICU room goodby!!!!

Another Day Older.....


Actually, we are now two days older since the start of the bleed.

It appears through my 2nd hand report that we do not have any new blood -
so we are out of the red - so to speak.

At least for the moment.

The way that the information flows around here is that Christy gets a text message in the morning with an update. This information is then relayed to me via Christy.

Through this monitoring system we have the daily panty report.
Now mind you - This is not the daily Panty check system that I ever
envisioned that I would be part of.

However, the focus of the situation is that we are back to No Bleed, is a Good Bleed.

We have determined that for the 8 week ultrasound next week that the min. heart beat should be 149. At an increase of 3.3 beats per day we should be at 150. Borderline at best.

When we had the last Ultrasound our heartbeat was at 124 at 6 w6d.

At 124 we have a 70-90% chance of success.

If we had a heartbeat under 120 at that time our success rate would have been 62%.

We will not find out anything new until the 26th.

So it's wait, wait, wait until then.

And just focus on the numbers. The percentages are still on our side.

Don't tell us it will be fine.

Christy will beat you.

Nothing is guaranteed in pregnancy.

At least we are mentally prepared if that's possible.

You see ........... Hell has arrived.... And we are one with the wolf.

We have a bleed..... a small one........ But, still a bleed.

An ultrasound has been done.

There is one baby....

The bleed is not near him. And small.

He measures on pace at 6 weeks, 6 days.

At 124 his heart beat is in range, but low.

Our surrogate is on bed rest.

Yes, we know...... You bled like a firehose for weeks and everything was fine for you.

Well - we have our own story. And it didn't have a happy ending.

So don't tell us it will be fine. You don't know that.

Right now, for us -

The proper response is Crepi il lupo

"May the wolf die"

In The Mouth of the Wolf...Or "La boca del lobo"

The Spanish phrase:

In The Mouth of the Wolf.....Or "La boca del lobo"

Sums up my current feelings. In Spanish it translates to mean:

"In the Jaws of death."

Before you freak out - there is no new news that warrants these feelings.
As the saying goes "it's me, not you."

You see.... despite the mounting evidence in our favor -

We are still unable to accept that it is working 100%. .

We are told "Your pregnant" and my response is:
"Great! We now have an 82% chance of having a live birth."

Not exactly the WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!! response that people expect. We will just have to save that for September.

And Christy says that I read too many blogs.

I can't argue with that - I am just comforted by the fact that almost everyone I started reading about 18 months ago is either pregnant or already has a baby. There is good news mixed in with the bad.

We need to have our success story now so that we can graduate with our class.

However, we are excited about being pregnant - even if we are worried it might not last.

One second we are looking up miscarriage stats and the next one it's when is the best week to schedule a 3D Ultrasound.

We have told all of our infertility friends and even half of Mexico knows that we went there for Surrogacy and it worked, but we still haven't told our families that were pregnant.

They are dying to know and very supportive, but we want to be certain it worked before we tell them.

Overwhelmed with happiness and fear at the same time is a tough combination. But, we are working hard to enjoy the moment. To celebrate what we have today.

Today - we have life. And more,
  • A Nose
  • A Mouth
  • Eyelids
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Nostrils
  • AND a heart Beating
At least, that's where we should be. We still have not looked under the hood to see.

Our surrogate did have her first appointment with her OB Friday. A simple intake appointment.
And everything went well. He treated her like he would any normal pregnancy.

We are shocked. It was simply to easy.

We still are waiting to count heads in 9 days. Then we might relax a little. Maybe, for a minute.

In the meantime, while we wait, I prefer the Italian saying better -

In Bocca al Lupo

"Into the wolf's mouth" Which Means "Good luck"

The proper response is Crepi il lupo

"May the wolf die" -

Which is to say: "I'm going into the wolf's mouth, and may he choke on me."

These idioms and their different meanings sum up the pendulum of emotions.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Mexico?

Christy explains the IVF and Surrogacy process that is available to US couples.

I would like to explain how Surrogacy and IVF legally work in Mexico.

Mexico does not outlaw surrogacy but they do not provide laws for it either.

They do not have any laws for or against transferring embryos into a surrogate.

Legally a baby born IN Mexico is the child of the birthing woman.

This is how is it best arranged for the protection of the parents.

A US surrogate is chosen from a surrogate legal state. California has the best laws in all of the US. The laws in California state that whoever is named in a legal contract prior to conception as the "intended" parent is the person or couple that will be granted all legal rights to the baby upon birth. In the rare case a surrogate wants to change her mind she is not allowed to in California as the parents were named in contract prior to conception.

Once the surrogate is chosen legal contracts stating who is "intended" as the parents and any other legal matters agreed upon are drawn up.

An IVF doctor must be chosen. We used Dr. Ruvalacaba in Guadalajara and had a wonderful experience there but there are many other good doctors to choose from all over Mexico and the US.

For the mother and the surrogate to synch their cycles it takes about 3 weeks of both being on birth control pills at same time.

Once they are in synch with each other the doctor gives a protocol to the surrogate that would be close to the same of a frozen embryo transfer as she is not to ovulate but needs to grow a healthy lining in order to receive the embryos. At the same time the mother goes onto a stimulation protocol in which to produce eggs and retrieved.

Once egg retrieval is complete ICSI is done with both eggs from mother and sperm from father to create embryos. On days 2, 3 or 5 depending on doctor and number of embryos as well as quality the embryos are transfered into the surrogates uterus that is prepared with a good lining.

Also if the mother and father need either and egg donor or sperm donor those can be arranged in place of the mother or father donating to the process.

Once cleared for travel by the IVF doctor the surrogate flies home to the US (California) for the remainder of the pregnancy.

With a legal court order issued at about 20 weeks pregnant the parents will go directly onto the birth certificate just as they would if the mother had given birth herself.

This is an amazing process and for couples like us it is our only option of becoming parents together. Many other couples face the same need but are unsure how to go about it. It is not recommended for a woman able to carry a pregnancy to term.

The Mystery of Mexico IVF - We're Alive

Starting out our internet search for US couples that have gone to Mexico leads to a lot of DEAD ends. Literally...... To the point one couple emailed me recently saying

My husbnd is concerned about the retrieval. You felt he was a great surgeon to put your wife out for retrieval. Its funny you mentioned it because everytime i could not find someone posting back after supposedly going to him, I had visions of him putting people to sleep and having them never wake up. This is what the media paints medical care out of the states as. I was releived when i saw that you guys actually came back alive and successful. So, at this point I am glad he is a legitimate doctor.

The quality and standard of care was a valid concern of ours. Especially, when we were not doing IVF on ourselves, but bringing a 3rd person into a possible mess as our surrogate.

When you read the posts online people always say that I am going to Mexico for IVF.... And then you never hear from them again. I'm thinking.... C'mon...... what happened? We need an update...... Did you live? Did you go? Have your baby and moved on ?

With no updates we are left with doubts. Second guessing ourselves. Is this a good idea?

I'm all for being a pioneer..... But, pioneer's often get arrows in the back.

Our we up for this? Failure breeds doubt.

We suck it up and go visit a clinic. The initial consultation is $40 it's worth a try. The clinic's 5
minutes from the US border. We can walk across the border and hop right in a cab.

A $5 cab ride to his office sit in his office for the meeting. A $5 cab ride back to the border.
Get dropped off right in front of the Customs office.

Maybe 2 hours total time in Mexico.

Sure Mexico is in the middle of a drug war, but 2 hours in the middle of the day.

We should be able to survive that without being kidnapped, mugged, raped, or beheaded.

Right? Well....... Maybe...... I Don't Know..........

But, were infertile. So we have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

So Let's Go!

Microsort in Mexico is For All Ages

Our message board breathed new life into a set of IP's. They need to do Microsort and in the US you can only do it as part of a study and due to their age they had been turned down.

Well in Mexico there is NO age requirement and anyone can sign up with only a few requirements.
The fee for Microsort is $1,200.

What are the qualifications for family balancing?
Couples who want to use MicroSort to balance the genders of their children must:
• Be married
• Have at least one child
• Sort for the underrepresented gender in the family
• Be negative for HIV, and Hepatitis B surface antigen and C antibody
What are the qualifications for couples at risk for X-linked disorders?
Couples who want to use MicroSort to reduce the probability of genetic disease transmission must:
• Be married
• Be a known carrier of an X-linked or X-limited disorder
• Be negative for HIV, and Hepatitis B surface antigen and C antibody
How does MicroSort define family balancing?
Family balancing means bringing the number of children of each gender closer to equal in a family.
You can’t use MicroSort for family balancing if:
• You are seeking treatment for a first child
• Your family already has an equal number of boys and girls
• You want to sort for an over-represented gender in your family

Shipping Embryo's Internationally?

Can anyone share information on how to ship embryo's internationally?

I have two couples asking me to help and I have no idea except that a lot of couples going to India seem to have done it.

Do you use FedEx, DHL, or a specialty service?

What was the cost?

Is there a lot of paperwork?

Does it take a long time to set-up?

I have one couple looking to ship from the US to Mexico.
And another trying to ship from Mexico to Australia.

Any advice would be helpful

No Bleed - Is A Good Bleed

As a couple that has been on the wrong side of a bleed - Let me tell you that they are not pretty or fun to deal with. In our first cycle we had one start in week 5 and slowly take out our twins.

We were patiently waiting to get past that point so we could start to accept the pregnancy.

Our 6th week started yesterday with no sign of a bleed.

Christy gets the daily report every morning that we made it through another night and are at least temporarily safe to breath for the day.

We have 13 days to our first ultrasound where we plan on counting heads for the first time on week 8.

At this stage I feel that a big weight has been taking off of my shoulder's and we might get to move out of IVF Land and Surrogacy World by next winter and re-join the normal world.

Where people have more than one goal, one mission, and one obsession.

I have no idea how to be a well rounded person anymore. If I ever did.

Surely, people will tell me that I am just moving to a new neighborhood called -
ParentHOOD. OR maybe Daddyville.

I can't worry about what the new location will look like and be like. Those are changes
for another day. Still so far in the future that the thought brings comfort instead of stress.

Bliss instead of sleepless nights.

Well - maybe when I am making a post at 4am I should call this a sleepless night.
But, it is a relaxing night. I would compare this to Christmas as a child.

And we will call today Dec. 23rd. - The Day before the Day.

We have already been able to sneak a pick and know what our present will be.

It is a secret so we can't share. A little nervous that we might not get what we want, but we saw it and are very sure it will be there for us soon.

When we wake up. In two days.

So close. Yet so far.

How can you sleep with the anticipation.....

The excitement.....

The completion of a dream.....

So close, yet still just out of reach.....

gringos have low mental capacities... and I am the worst.

At least that is what my "new friend" has said about me on the AMI message board in Mexico.

Which just goes to show you that when it comes to message boards and comments that they are they same worldwide.

I think that I might need to use the phrase as my new tagline.
It is original. And I think that it is funny.

If they are going to spin themselves out I will have fun watching.
And if I can help them spin a little faster - all the better.

It's all in good fun. I mean what are the going to do?
Insult me over the internet with their words.

Clearly, that will not have any effect on me -
For I am a stupid gringo. The worst of them.

They complain, that I am taking advantage of their low cost IVF.
I just saved a ton of money by going to Mexico. How stupid can I be?

It is just funny how when someone makes a post on the AMI message board that
says "I have a doubt about this doctor" you have 4-5 women come on the board
right away and they say - "He got me pregnant, I recommend him."

Then you have a post about another doctor that says -
"80% failure rate - only 20% get to transfer".
Instead of women coming on the board saying "He got me pregnant, I recommend him."

They are flaming the original poster and telling them "it is not good to discredit a doctor
in this way."


"You should not say these things."

OR my personal favorite

"Even though we didn't get the success that we hoped for, He is a wonderful person."

All that has to happen is one person to say "He got me pregnant, I recommend him."
and the whole thread would die down and everyone would move on.

I think that this is important information that anyone considering Mexico for IVF would be
interested in knowing.

So like a lamb being lead directly to the mouth of the wolf.

I sent a link to this thread off of our message board and all of a sudden I have 80 hits a day
from Mexico and they are posting back on their board telling each other that I am out to discredit this doctor and promote another doctor.

Like I really care.

He is not MY doctor. What's his success/failure what got to do with my success?


MY doctor got use pregnant. That is MY only concern. Nothing else matters to me.

So they can say that -

gringos have low mental capacities...
and I am the worst.

And my reply is -

methinks thou doth protest too much.

Congratulations Are in Order...

Today we hit 6 weeks pregnant and we are clearly bringing a baby home this time.

I am an experienced blogger and have been following infertility blogs for a long time.

I recognize the signs. They are unmistakable. You can't miss them.
Or ignore them because they slap you across your face and demand your attention.

Yesterday -------------

I made my first Beware list.

After about 18 months of posting I have a high enough profile that someone feels that others need to be warned about me.

Fortunately, I have been around IVF world long enough to
know that this is a positive sign.

You see, for the most part people don't kick you when your
down on IVF World -
Unless your name is Amani.

They wait until you are successful and then they attack.

Fortunately, I have my new, I am pregnant force field
surrounding me. So I am unharmed by the attacks.

And amazingly, In one day I have learned what Rhonda
meant by the fun part of a pregnancy.

Because it is REALLY fun when people attack you and the
attack can't get past your - I am pregnant shield -
and harmlessly goes away.

The facts are pretty simple.

I say IMI is great - like most IP's say about their clinic right after they get pregnant.

Then I post on our message board that other couples going to another clinic are not having any success. I link back to the message board in Mexico where I read the post.

Just your normal everyday message board behavior.

And now someone has placed me in the beware section. In Mexico. addohno.gif

Here is the google translated post.

Or you can go to their message board and read it yourself at
AMI Message Board


Hopefully, this issue is not going to transform into a controversial or if it becomes or how well we keep the forum alive. You want to share this page is:
for me it is not clear that these gentlemen have interests in that principal is a Jon Anderson and his wife Christa, others that very few are participating. What is clear is that I want to discredit the New Hope Fertility Clinic and propaganda at IMI, even according to them were made with an IVF clinic in this subrogat breast.
To which I is that we must be very careful we say and we say in this forum pq these people read, pass around a translator for Google and then use the information at their convenience and this is not worth it. Can any of you get belts and Jon Anderson is best to ignore this person. What seems strange is that in this forum are clinical names like IMI, AMI IECH and up ..... not understand ...
Well after visiting this page is going to be any more clear or will take more questions.
Greetings to all

I'm a Bad Man.....

Throughout history man has struggled between Good and Bad. Where are you on the pendulum?

It is a constant internal battle that everyone faces. Usually, for most people their good side wins out.

I most admit that right now by Bad side is winning. Gloating in his glory actually. And getting bigger on a daily basis. And there is nothing that I can do about it, but accept his victory over my happiness.

You see.........

Our surrogate reports that she has morning sickness. And all I can do is celebrate.

There is NO thought of - I hope you get better.

Just the opposite. I am waiting for the next morning sickness report with glee!
Keep them coming! May I have another!

Her morning sickness directly leads to my happiness.

Being happy, because someone else is sick, without a doubt makes me a bad man.

I must admit that today - I'm okay with my bad-self.

Just Pregnant and Happy... OR What About Beta #2?

Other working titles are... The Cyn report*.

Today we are 5 weeks, 5 days pregnant.
Beta #1 at 20 days past ET was 3,334.2
Our surrogate has morning sickness everyday.
We will not have a second Beta done.

That's it!
That's the entire report!

Now you know as much as we do about the pregnancy. That is all the information we have - there is nothing else to share about the pregnancy.

We just have the story of how we got pregnant to share.

For us, this time less is more.

Doing IVF was a project. We have old eggs. Our chances of success were low. We made a small ante into the pot and got in the game.

We found a nickel and dime game in Mexico - so we could afford to enter a few hands. We might not win this pot, but hey, we have enough in reserves to enter again soon. We didn't have to go all in just for the IVF.

We figured that in this game of IVF odds - the more chances we could afford to take - the better odds we would have in the long run.

Then the unthinkable happened.

We got a positive at home pregnancy test. Followed by a very high beta. Followed by morning sickness.

The first time we did IVF this news was expected and we were very happy.

This time we treated the news like we were a bunch of teenagers.

I don't believe it.....
It's a mistake....
We went to Mexico.....
It's not possible....
I don't believe her.....
There's no way it worked......

The game just changed on us and we weren't ready. Not prepared in the least bit.

We entered a penny game of IVF. We won - because we were playing the game. That was enough to make us happy. We had an opportunity. That's all we needed.

Being pregnant changed the game instantly.

Our small ante into IVF world moved to the HIGH STAKES TABLE...

And we are all in....

At least emotionally.

We now have everything to lose.....

At least emotionally.

So for now - We don't want any reports. No doctor visits. Nothing to share. No news is good news.

We are Pregnant and Happy.

Just Enjoying the Moment.

*Next Cyn Report - Jan. 26th

We are #1

According to our clinic. We are #1.

We are the first US couple to go to IMI that neither of us speak Spanish and we had their first surrogate from the USA as well. We had to overcome many trust issues before we chose to go for it, but it was well worth the trip.

There are many US clients that have gone before us for just IVF. In fact there were 3 other couples in town the week we were there, but in all those other cases at least one of them could speak Spanish so they had a different experience than us - the language impaired couple.

After dealing with our handicap - IMI is working hard to make it easier for other English speaking only couples to go to their clinic.

One of the best examples is a simple phone number.

When I first started to call IMI I would go into message system from hell.
Basically, it was if you want this person press 1. If you want this person press 2.

For the average person this would be very simple to figure out and get the right person on the phone quickly without any problems.

Then there is me.......

I was locked out of the system and totally helpless and locked out of reaching the office.

You see....

The machine was in Spanish and I didn't understand a single word. Not one. It was a hurdle that almost made it impossible to get anything done with the clinic. If it wasn't for email we would have been finished before we started.

A total dead end.

After our experience IMI installed a toll free number for people from the USA and Canada to call that goes directly to Sofia who speaks perfect English.

Now you can call them and actually talk to a person and it's free.

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.

YES! You can have a Surrogated Uterus!

Talk about a language barrier.

When I called the Mexico IVF clinic's telling them I was looking to do Surrogacy in Mexico the reply was flat out NO, we do not do Surrogacy.

Then I changed my question to - I have a Surrogate from the USA - can I bring her there and you transfer into her.

Still mainly NO was the answer, but I started to get some answer's of hmmmm, that is interesting, maybe.

Then I got hold of IMI and their answer was:

Yes! You can have a Surrogated Uterus, but we do not have any. You will have to bring your own!

My immediate thought is: What is a Surrogated Uterus??????
Will the airline let me carry one in my suitcase?
It sounds messy. Will it ruin my luggage?
If they don't have one, where am I supposed to find one?

A Surrogated Uterus sounds like a chopped up Uterus. How are the pieces going to hold a baby?
This can't lead to a healthy pregnancy. Can it?

I follow up with IMI for some clarification.

Surrogated Uterus = Surrogate.

Whew!!!! Ok, we have a Surrogate already that is easy. Besides, even if we didn't have a Surrogate already lined up how hard would it be to find a US Surrogate that wants to spend a long weekend in Mexico on vacation for the transfer.

Then IMI gives us some bonus news. Unlike most US clinic's they don't charge any extra fees when you use a Surrogate. They say "we are doing egg retrieval from one person and transfering into one person so the fees are the same as if someone was doing IVF without a surrogate."

Alright! We go to Mexico and our Surrogate gets a new name and she becomes Duty Free.

Why go to Mexico for IVF and Surrogacy?

I was recently asked why go to Mexico for IVF and Surrogacy? Aren't there other cheaper more reliable options for surrogacy? A lot of people are going to India, why didn't you go that route?

I really, really, really, looked hard at going to India because everyone kept saying that it was so cheap. I found out that this wasn't true once you added in all of the non-surrogacy expenses.

You have at least two 30 hour flights to get to India. Then you have the hotel fees on the first trip of around 2 weeks and the baby pick-up takes around a month.

The DNA tests cost a few hundred, plus extra fees for the birth certificate and passport. Mexico ended up being so much cheaper. And closer.

We walked across the border and did our pre-testing and monitoring while staying at home.

Flights were only 3 hours and costs $100 each way. We went in the winter and left the rain to arrive in 80 degree weather.

We spent 7 days in Guadalajara. We flew our surrogate in from the USA after we arrived and she spent 4 days in Mexico and loved the vacation. That was the entire trip to Mexico.

Now we are all safely back in the USA and in a Pre-Birth order state for delivery so as the Intended Parent our names will go on the birth certificate. The birth and pregnancy happen here in the USA where we have excellent rights as the Intended Parents.

We got the best of both worlds. Affordable IVF and the comfort of home.

A Little Bit More Pregnant....OR Beta is in.....

20 days past egg retrieval OR 17 days past a 3 day transfer our Beta is in and it's strong.


Last time our Beta's were:
Day 19 1,548
Day 21 3,096

As exciting as that number is for us we still have a long way to go before we bring home a baby.
With a Beta that high we might be looking at a Mike and Mike situation.

The mystery of Mexico IVF

As I started investigation the option for IVF and Surrogacy in Mexico I figured that it would be pretty easy to find information about the clinic's and the Doctor's. With all of the internet forums out there for infertility there must be a wealth of knowledge and 100's of couples to get referrals from.

Boy was I wrong.

I could find pretty much zip, zilch, zero. At least in terms of reliable information.

I filled out one online form for "IVF in Mexico" and when I mentioned we needed surrogacy they emailed me prices for a clinic in India. After getting the email I went back to the website to see the form that I filled out and sure enough it stated clearly - IVF in Mexico. So much for reliable information.

Another time, I was speaking directly with an IVF Doctor in Mexico and his suggestion was to do the IVF in Mexico and then ship our embryo's to India to be implanted in a surrogate there.

Why kind of treatment is that?

Then I filled out a form for the Mexico IVF Experts. They wanted to pick us up and the Tijuana and drive us to the clinic for treatment and then drive us back to the border. This was to make sure that we were safe during our time in Tijuana because it is a very dangerous place.

However, we didn't feel very trusting of them when they first wanted $19,000 for IVF and wouldn't even tell me who the doctor was or what hospital they worked with for IVF.

When I questioned them some more they lowered the price to $14,000 and assured me that this is a great savings compared to getting IVF done in the USA.

Regardless, of the fact that you can find IVF in the USA for cheaper then that - the cost in Mexico is only $6,500 with Meds.

Ya, I really trusted this guy to pick me up at the border and drive me to an undisclosed locations while I had $14,000 in my pocket.

I keep reading all of these websites telling me that US couples are going to Mexico for IVF treatment, but none of them can even tell me the basics about IVF or if Surrogacy is an option. Is it legal? Do you have any successful US couples that I can talk to about their experiences?

One article's headline is "US women are flocking to Mexico for IVF". Yet, I can't even find one that is willing to share her story. Is it really that bad that nobody will talk about their experience? Or is it just a lot of hype? Either way, it's clear that the story is not true.

Usually, all I get back is a price sheet if I am lucky and told that they have a lot of US clients, but because of the patients privacy they can't give out their information to me.

What a bunch of B.S. I was getting from a bunch of salesman that really had no clue what IVF was and where just reading from a sheet of paper. The same as if I called about knee surgery, Lipo, or Breast Augmentation.

It sure didn't inspire confidence in any of the clinic's in Mexico. Especially, when you call them and don't speak Spanish they just hang up on you.

How do you solve the mystery when you don't even speak the language?