Calling All Surrogates.....

Now comes the big question:

Is two better then one?


Is one a star?

We have struggled with IVF and carried around this extra weight on our shoulder's to finally WIN at the reproductive game. The weight has been lifted and we are riding high.

So high that I don't even need to blog anymore.

It seems like an anxiety driven activity.

And when the anxiety is gone - I am just a really boring writer.
Without a compelling story to share.

So - our big struggle now is -
Do we stop at one or double down and go for two?

Our eggs are expired so we need to choose soon - like yesterday.


It's much easier to travel and do the IVF procedures before we have our child in hand.

The debate settles on two simple main points.

We can save much money by not doing it again. The money can go towards the financial
security of the only child. And I am a guy - so when you mention baby the first thought is always


If we only have one child - Does she have only child syndrome?

It is really comfortable not having the weight of the world on our shoulder's. But, our child would get a lot out of playing outside with a sibling in the evening vs. playing with me at happy hour.

So the question then comes down to timing.

We need to go yesterday. And without a surrogate we are going NOWHERE. And fast.

Our window of opportunity is very narrow. It is:

June 28 - July 13th

Which means that we need to have a surrogate that has already been medically screened and is ready to start.

And of course -

She needs to be FREE and bring her own meds.

Plus, mature enough that we don't have to hold her hand. Because, hey, we won the last round so we will have a new born in our hands. They will be occupied.

Bilingual is preferred, but not required.

As you can see - I am not picky and have VERY low expectations. so we should have thousands of surrogates to choose from.

Lucky us.