Surrogacy in Mexico - What the i.v.F.....

The short story is:

Yes, we did it. It worked. End of story.

It would be easy to leave it at that, but there is a lot more to share. This might be the only option available to other Intended Parents and they should know that there are other options.

I wrote my first post about going to Mexico for IVF and Surrogacy on 8/12/08. It was one line and meant as a joke, but opened up a door where I started to look into the clinic's they had and if they did surrogacy.

The answer was NO!!!! And came with a lot of other Spanish words that I didn't understand. The word NO, however is universal, except I am told in Jon's world, so I kept moving forward to find a clinic that would work with us.

While, the answer was NO, the price for IVF was right, so we needed to get a Doctor to say YES to surrogacy, or rather Si.

So I emailed some clinic's and most didn't respond. I got one Doctor that replied to me a few times and responded to some of my question's with a JAJAJAJAJAJAJA. I'm thinking that the guy is a lunatic and then I learn that a "J" in Spanish makes an "H" sound in English so his response is really HAHAHAHAHAHA. At least he is laughing at me and my suggestions and not a total lunatic.

However, even though he enjoy's my emails he will not work with us and our surrogate so I am still on the prowl for the perfect Doctor. One that will accept me as a client. At this point, my standards are not very high.

A Little Bit Pregnant in Mexico

I have been told that you can't be a little bit pregnant - either you are pregnant or you are not pregnant - there is no in between. Well I am here to tell you that we are a little bit pregnant. Mexico IVF worked for us in the first try and we were the first couple to go there where neither of us spoke any Spanish. We had a translator from the clinic with us every step of the way. Her name was Sofia and she was great.

Anyway, we have about a weeks worth of at home pregnancy tests that are showing that we are pregnant.

Everyone is pushing us for our Beta numbers and we are simply not interested in them. We would prefer to wait until the first ultrasound to found out how many have stuck around and are healthy.

We think that less is more this time around and that we will be fully pregnant when we enter week 38.

IVF Vacation in the Czech Republic

IVF Vacation has taken over 250 couples to the Czech Republic for a 14-21 day trip to Europe for IVF treatments. The cost including airfare appears to be around $8,000. That is with the ability to get cheap air fare from the East Coast of the United States.

If you are flying from the West Coast the trip will be even more expensive. Flights to the Czech Republic can easily be $1,000 per person driving the cost even higher.

A low cost option for American's is just to the South of us. Mexico IVF offers IVF at a costs very competitive with the rest of the world and had US and UK English speaking doctor's at many of the clinic's.

The added bonus is that most US cities have direct flights to Mexico and the flights will only cost a few hundred dollars.

Mexico IVF is helping couples work through and find the easy and best clinic's in Mexico for a Mexico IVF Vacation. We have a trip set-up in December and expect over 10 couples.

The average weather in December will be around 74 degrees and it is the dry season so the weather should be nice.

Mexico IVF Choices

You can find stories all over the internet. Intended Parents going all over the world for IVF treatment. US couples going to Mexico because it is cheaper then the US.

There are many reports of people going to Mexico for treatment, but finding concrete evidence, positive success stories, and overcoming the language barrier to get answers is elusive and time consuming.

Do to the high cost of infertility many Intended Parents are looking all over the world at the cost of treatments. India has been in the news as a Surrogate friendly country and has many success stories. Living in San Diego I am looking to Mexico for the options that they might provide.

There are several clinic's that offer IVF in Mexico as it is a very large country and most of the cities have multiple options. We have contacted over 40 clinic's during the last 12 months to determine which will be most helpful to Intended Parent's from the USA.

We have compiled all the information on the clinics we have contacted and researched and can make recommendation based on individual needs. We have set up a coordination program with the clinic we recommend to help couples find good quality health care at affordable prices. Our goal is to streamline the process for both the doctors and the patients.

We have arrangements with the doctors and will call them on your behalf to get questions answered, set up phone appointments and office visits in a timely manner. We will pre-screen you on behalf or the doctors so when you do speak in person they already have your information and the call or visit will be more productive in the time you have. All of their written information is in Spanish but we will provide you with a translated version. Don't waste time with call after to call to a receptionist who does not speak English and unable to help you make contact with the doctor.

We can give you information on places to stay near the clinics that are safe and US friendly, a list of lower cost airlines within Mexico and International.

Going further South into Mexico provides the least expensive options compared to staying in the border towns.

We have many couples with plans to have transfers this November or December.

If you are interested in joining for IVF in Mexico please Email US

Bad IVF doctors and how to protect yourself

A doctor in India explains below how there are BAD IVF clinics out there and how to avoid them. If there are no laws in India how do you know a clinic is doing bad things without your knowledge. It is a total leap of faith.

IVF Cost is not the only thing to consider.

Bad IVF doctors and how to protect yourself

There is no doubt that IVF technology represents one of modern medicine’s success stories. Using IVF , we can help couples who could never have a baby with any other technique to start their own family.

However, woe betide the patient who ends up in a bad IVF clinic !

For example , one of the IVF clinics in New Delhi is owned by a skin specialist. This doctor, who is not even a gynecologist , offers IVF treatment ! Not only are your chances of getting pregnant in a bad IVF clinic very low, you also run a major risk of losing a lot of time, money and energy.

Not only do you pour your money down the drain, you also end up losing confidence in IVF technology, thus depriving yourself of your best chance of having a baby . And when you do find out afterwards that the IVF clinic you selected was a bad one, there is little you can do about it ! Blaming yourself or cursing the doctor afterwards does not help, which is why you need to be very careful when deciding which clinic in which to do your treatment !

Caveat emptor - and this is why it's very important that you do your homework carefully - you are making a major investment !

Some useful guidelines to help you find the best IVF doctor are here.

How do you identify a bad IVF clinic ?
It's important to be critical and careful, and not to take everything the IVF clinic says for granted. A common problem is that even bad clinics will quote high pregnancy rates because these are published in the medical literature, rather than share their own success rates.

Unfortunately, many patients naively assume that all IVF clinics are equally good. They often select a clinic because it is close to them; because they charge less; or because they know of someone who took treatment there and got pregnant. However, remember that there is a world of a difference between a good IVF clinic and a bad IVF clinic - not all IVF clinics are equally good !

It can be far more cost-effective to fly down to a good IVF clinic with a high pregnancy rate, even if this does cost a little more, as your "cost per baby " is likely to be much less, rather than to do IVF in a local clinic with a low pregnancy rate !

Some IVF clinics in India depend upon the services of a part-time embryologist, who flies down only once or twice a month to perform the IVF or ICSI procedures. These clinics batch all their patients together, and then perform about 5-20 treatments over a period of 2 days. This can be dangerous for you !

Not all patients grow eggs at the same rate ! Suppose yours grow too slowly ? Or too fast ? The doctor has no choice, but to perform your egg collection on the pre-scheduled date, thus resulting in a major drop in your chances of conceiving.

Other IVF doctors are only "part-time" IVF doctors. They spend most of their time delivering babies or doing hysterectomies ( which is often far more profitable). They do IVF simply to provide an additional service. Such an attitude often results in their providing a sub-optimal service because they cannot devote the time and energy needed to provide high pregnancy rates.

Full-time IVF doctor who do nothing else have much higher pregnancy rates, because their entire reputation and income depends upon their IVF pregnancy rates !
Other IVF doctors enjoy jetting around or travelling from place to place.

They set up a "chain of IVF clinics" all over the country to get more patients, and then spend their energies running around from clinic to clinic. This often means that they are not available to monitor your treatment. You may find that you only see the "big-name" doctor once - for your first consultation. Afterwards, this doctor is never available for you !

Other clinics cut corners and compromise by using underhand methods and dirty tricks. They "share" your eggs with other patients without informing you, thus earning an additional income from their egg sharing programs, which they advertise to attract infertile women who need donor eggs ! However, not only is this grossly unethical, it also means that your chances of getting pregnant are drastically reduced !

Many bad IVF clinics do not offer the full range of services a good IVF clinic does. Thus, they do not offer embryo freezing facilities, and they "bad-mouth" embryo freezing technology, claiming that the pregnancy rates with frozen embryos are poor ! Clinics which cannot freeze embryos are technically inadequate; and will often "donate" your spare embryos to other patients without your consent !

Others buy second-hand incubators; or poor quality equipment. They try to save pennies by not servicing their microscopes; using cheap IVF culture medium ; or "recycling" disposables such as catheters and egg collection needles, thus increasing your risk of acquiring an infection and reducing your chances of getting pregnant. Many have very old, poor quality ultrasound scanners, which make it hard for them to see the follicles or do an egg collection.

I agree that it's very hard for the average infertile patient to judge the technical competence of an IVF clinic. Ideally, your clinic should be open and above-board ; and should be happy to show you around, and share information with you during your treatment.

Signs of a bad clinic include:
1. When they refuse to show you their equipment or facilities
2. When you do not get a chance to talk to the same IVF doctor
3. When they do not show you the ultrasound screen during your monitoring or tell you how many eggs you are growing
4. When there is a major discrepancy between the number of follicles you grow on scanning and the number of eggs they collect from you
5. They do not show you your embryos under the microscope
6. They do not offer embryo freezing facilities
7. They do not give you a discharge summary at the end of your treatment

What happens in many IVF clinics is very distressing. It pains me when I see patients who have been through many IVF treatment cycles, but know pathetically little about their treatment details, because the clinic never provided them with this information.

Embroidering pregnancy rates is an art some ART clinics are very good at. I know of some doctors who deliberately give their patients repeated HCG injections after embryo transfer, ( Inj Profassi, or Inj Pregnyl) and then measure the blood level of beta HCG a few days later to prove to the patient that she conceived ! Since the beta HCG level is positive, the patient naively believes she did get pregnant (when it become negative, the doctor explains that she miscarried) , little realizing that the positive test result was just a result of the HCG hormone administered to her in the injection !( If the doctor gave her husband the same injection, he would have a positive pregnancy test too ! ) Such a cruel trick not only gives the patient false hope which is dashed to pieces, it also hooks her to the clinic for life, since she “nearly” got pregnant in her previous cycle.

Even “internationally reputed” clinics resort to some underhand practices – and perhaps this is even more dangerous, because few patients dare to question them , given their reputation. Thus, some push unproven treatments such as immunotherapy for recurrent pregnancy losses, offering their patients false hope after making them spend lots of money. Since these treatments are still controversial and unproven, it would only be fair to offer them as part of a controlled clinical trial, at no charge to patients. However, these patients are often so desperate, that they are happy to grasp at straws – especially when these are cloaked in the garb of scientific gobbledygook.

Since knowledge is power, the best way of protecting yourself is by becoming well-informed, so you can critically assess the “facts” for yourself. Books are excellent starting points in your quest for information, and you can start by reading our book, How to Have a Baby, which is available free online !

Mexico IVF and Surrogacy - A valid option

Mexico IVF and Surrogacy is a valid option for US couples.

I have been looking into the cost of IVF and Surrogacy Worldwide. There are two websites that have some breakdowns available. They are and at ivf cost worldwide.

The real value depends on what your needs are and what part of the world you live in. Travel expenses such as Hotels and airfare really add up fast.

From the USA, Mexico IVF appears to be a value price leader. The full fees for IVF and ICSI are only $4,000. Medication are in the $1,500 - $2,500 range. And there are round trip flights from almost all major US cities for around $300 round trip per person.

Many of the doctors are trained in the US and many clinics will let you bring your USA surrogate down to Mexico to transfer. With a surrogate from the US you only need to leave the country once for the transfer. The baby would be born in a US hospital with your normal doctor.

You can get the full treatment (IVF, ICSI, Meds, and Surrogate) start to finish for $20,000 - $30,000 and you only need to visit Mexico once. This is really a valid option that many people should explore.