Even good news isn't reassuring.....

Otherwise, called Good News Maybe......

We know the process.

We've been there, done that, and won the prize.

However, there is no smooth sailing easy ride through this process and every answer leads to more questions.

More uncertainty.

More doubt about what direction to take and how to proceed.

We went into the IVF portion of the process with the goal of getting one good healthy embryo.

We sort of got that done. Maybe, Yes/maybe, and no was our embryo report.

To begin with we had 6 eggs of which 4 fertilized.

Of our four embryos that were chugging along one of them stopped chugging.

Now we are down to three little embryos.

Embryo #3 had trisomy 13 and this is better to know today than tomorrow.

This leaves us with two little embryos.

Embryo #2 is a Boy. However, the genetic testing is inconclusive with no results. The embryo quality is 4AA so the odds of it growing and becoming a live baby are 75%. Great odds, but with Embryo #3 have trisomy the genetic test being inconclusive is a concern.

Embryo #1 is a Girl. She is healthy, but has fragmentation and is graded a 3/4BB. This gives her a 60% chance of success.

The plan, at least today's plan, is to thaw the boy and re-test him before transfer. This means that he will be tested, frozen, thawed, and tested again before transfer. We will test his survival skills and make sure that he is up to the task and not a wimpy boy.

Plan A with the expectations/possibilities of having two healthy Grade A embryos was to transfer one into two Surrogates.

Plan B might be to transfer two embryos into one Surrogate and count heads on the other side. Or transfer just the boy, if he passes the health test and wait for the results before scheduling the girls transfer date.

While our odds are good and our expectations have been met, this is never an easy process with easy answers.

Oh, the Joy of Surrogacy.