Surrogacy - Wanted one hardy, healthy, fighting survivor.

Recently, we were asked if we were going to have another child. Have we thought about doing it again?Have you decided to do it again?

My answer was we have not decided how much we are ready to share.

This is a tough choice to make because even when it is easy, it's not easy.

Every stage has new risks to consider and think about.

We went into this knowing that we have a small chance of success and that it may take more than one try to find a healthy embryo to transfer. That's before we even get to the be concerned during the two week wait. Our odds of finding a healthy egg get worse with each month so we need to move quickly if this is going to work.

Going into this the first concern is what if you don't have any healthy embryos? How many times do you try?
What is an acceptable number of attempts? There are variables and issues to think about on another day.

The second concern is what happens if you get a crazy number? What do you do if you have 30 eggs?

As of yesterday, we still have 11 follicles growing. It appears that we have 5 that will be mature on Wednesday when we do the egg retrieval. That means we are squarely focused on the not enough eggs option rather than the overflowing basket option.

Considering if the normal ratios apply that will leave us with 1-2 healthy embryos at best.

That's means that the big question for now is:

Can we find one hardy, healthy, fighting survivor in the mix? That's all we need.

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Cyn said...

You are so right-there is nothing easy about this process. I will keep you all in my thoughts and hope that somehow this is easier than we could even imagine!