Surrogacy Together "Chicken Soup For the Soul"

While I enjoy bashing evil people's heads against the wall as much as the next person I am starting to feel like a stalker that's kicking someone when their down.

I would stop posting, but I keep getting emails from people thanking me for posting information that they can't find anywhere else or nobody else is sharing.

I know people that were unknowingly brought into this scheme and it makes me sick.

I will continue to post new information as it becomes available to me.

In the meantime, I am working on an ebook that will share positive stories about the Community. So many good rewarding things happen to everyone involved in the Community and we need to share this information.

The Project is called Surrogacy Together. Our first ebook is titled "Inspiring Surrogacy Stories."

Our Mission is sharing positive, uplifting stories about Surrogacy and the Surrogate community with the world.

When presented with the details someone called it our version of "Chicken Soup For the Soul."

You can go to the website for all of the details: who, what, where, when, why, and how.

We are giving everyone the platform to share their inspiring story. We have all had personal experiences where someone helped you navigate the often rough road through Surrogacy or infertility.

This is your chance to share your short story that is 250 - 1,200 words in length.

Anyone that has a story to share is invited to participate.

You will get full credit for you story, including the right to approve it before we go to production, and a link back to your website or blog so that the readers can find out more about you. Because we all have a lot more to share than one short story.

To get this ebook out before the sentencing hearings we are on an extremely tight schedule so we need you story to be turned in no later than August 22nd, 2011.

Please forward this information to anyone that you think might be interested in participating. The whole Community is invited.

Surrogacy Together - The Power of Teamwork and Shared Leadership

Surrogacy Together - The Power of Teamwork and Shared Leadership is the name of the book that I am working on to share my story.

The title covers my experience through the process.

Detailed plans, daily follow through, and teamwork carried us to success. 

We built a team with well defined roles and multiple leaders to complete our mission.

It was a very satisfying and humbling experience.

We had a large support network that helped guide us through the rough patches and uncertainty and get us to the other side. Without them the road would at times would have been impossible to navigate.

In our case, we had 4 distinct Support teams. While they were all important, not everyone was equal.

Some participated for a day, week, or month, while others were involved daily in the entire grinding experience.

At this time, I am dividing them into a few simple categories:Professionals - The medical and law team.
Mentors - Other IP's and/or Surrogates that have been there - done that and can give real world advice and feedback.
Emotional Support Team - Friends and Family that didn't understand the process and what we were going through, but were supportive the whole way through.
Fans - Random people that either in person or via the Internet offered support or kind words along the way.

Many people fit into more than one group and their help was essential to our success.

Who was on your team during your surrogacy?

You can get the sneak peak and be among the first to share your story by following this link to Surrogacy Together.