We have blastocysts.......

On Day 5 we are batting 4 for 4.

We have 4 little blastocysts chugging along.

One is an expanding blastocyst and the others are just behind growing on schedule.

Statistically, only about 25-60% of embryos grow to the day 5 blastocysts stage so once again we are on the high end of the odds line.

Without further testing this would give us around a 60% clinical pregnancy rate and a 35% live birth rate per embryo.

Having the embryos tested in theory would increase our chances of a live birth by at least 20% and reduce our chance of a miscarriage by about 20%.

What do you think that we are going to do?

You can call this IVF and Surrogacy by the numbers.


Cyn said...

Oh my gah!! I am so close to jumping up and down for you all!! These are tremendous results and I can't wait to hear the outcome!!

Catherine Moscarello said...

You and I are in almost the exact same place on this surrogacy journey with the exception of this being our first experience and your second. We are doing IVF AND surrogacy in Mexico and our amazing egg donor had her retrieval on Friday. We started off with 14 embryos although we have no idea how many eggs were actually retrieved since our access to the clinic is extremely limited by the company we are working with. We would like to eventually receive a report stating the total number of eggs that were retrieved. Our transfer should happen in the next few days and we hope we will be given information on how many embryos were transfered and their stats as well as how many were frozen and their stats as well. I am so jealous reading about how you get to watch them grow each day. Although we are not close to the clinic, I wish we were not discouraged from contacting them with our questions because then maybe we would be able to have the same information as you! I wish you the best and I will continue to follow your journey...

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


Jumping up and down is a good idea. Pulling out your hair isn't a bad idea either. We have more to share in the next post.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


With a young egg donor you should be able to have success. I would be more concerned with bringing the baby home after the birth since nobody has gone through the entire process yet in Mexico.

Who has discouraged you from talking to your doctor? It is not a good idea to have anyone between you and the medical relationship required for this process.

If you haven't gone through the process yourself - at least from my opinion - the Intended Parent pregnancy is all based on the numbers and without them you are left out of the process.

A big part is knowing as the IP what questions to ask at each phase of the process to get accurate information. Without knowing the right question you often get - your embryos look great!

That doesn't tell you anything and is actually a frustrating answer and not a reassuring one.

Anyway, good luck to you and hopefully you have some exciting news to share soon.