Surrogacy Again...Back into the fire.

Someday we will....Maybe.

Someday we will....Maybe.

Someday is.....Today.

We are walking back into the fire.

Attempting Surrogacy Again.

This brings our lifeless blog back to life. To share another adventure with you.


I was going to wait until I was sure that we had healthy embryos and good news and start sharing the story in November, but we are never assured of good news, even after a positive pregnancy test, and would like to share the story now from the start.

Surrogacy Made me a Grandma

Here are the details.

We've been going back and forth with the do we do it again conversation. For the longest time it was 10-20 percent for and 80-90 percent against.

We are getting older and our eggs are dust. We have a wonderful healthy child. It is easy to say "let's not do it again."

But, the siren call sings, it touches the heart and we move toward it. Unable to resist the call.We resisted for a long time, but our fight ended quickly and quietly.

Our hesitation and doubt changed when my otherwise healthy and active Dad at 71 years old had a stroke. He is healthy and stable, but as his life changed in a new direction so did ours.

You can't control life. No matter how much you try.

Sometimes, Life comes at you and you accept it and take the course that opens to you without question.

For us, that means doing Surrogacy Again....Walking through Fire to have another child or children.

We have chosen to work with Dr. Kumar with Fertility and Surgical Associates of California.

We have started the process already. We have 11 follicles all growing well and expect to have the retrieval the middle of next week.

We will PGD the embryos for health and then start looking to match with a Surrogate.

The plan is to move fast with a December transfer. This way if it doesn't work we can do another round of IVF before our eggs disappear for good. The timer is ticking and we have to move quickly.

Another part of the plan is to revive the tale of two Surrogates and we will work with two surrogates at the same time if we have two embryos. We would transfer one embryo into each Surrogate.

Overall, it's exciting and nerve wracking times. Let the roller coaster begin.


Cyn said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!! Me! Me! Pick me!!

I know you have a ton of options and will find the best surro for you! I can not wait to follow along-can not believe you're looking at 11!! and am SO glad that you started sharing NOW!!
As fantastic as it is to have the support during the pregnancy, it can be very hard to go through the cycling and transfer alone and without the team cheering you on-it definitely changes things.

So again, thank you!!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

We didn't expect/plan to figure out who the Surrogates would be until after we knew that we had healthy embryos.

It wasn't a topic we were going to look into until around November. The idea was this way we were not dragging someone along with us if we ended up with no embryos and this took 2-3 cycles to work.

At the age of our eggs we only have a 2% chance of success according to SART.