Surrogacy Together - Blogging For Surrogacy Campaign

Welcome Back!

Once again I am going to be part of the blogging world. 

This Summer we will be traveling the United States and will be sharing what Surrogacy means to me and asking them what Surrogacy means to them.

Over the last few years being involved with the Surrogacy community has taken us internationally to Europe, Mexico, and Australia. This Summer we are going to San Diego, Denver, Seattle, Boston, Charlotte, New York, Chicago, and Minnesota

We also have many new friends that will be joining us in London and August 24th, 2013 we are excited to be honoring over 100 Surrogates at the Salute to Surrogacy Celebration in San Diego, California.

We will be keeping you updated with blog posts here and guests blog posts that we will be making on other blogs focused on the Surrogacy community.

Surrogacy Together - Blogging For Surrogacy:

Over the next 75 days leading up to the Salute to Surrogacy Celebration. We are going to be blogging about Surrogacy on a regular/daily basis. 

We are asking other people to join us on the Surrogacy Together Blogging for Surrogacy project. The details are simple:

We are making guest posts on other people's blogs and on the Surrogacy Together website. Let use know if you would like us to make a guest post
on your blog.

The first three Guest posts this will be on the blogs:
A Belly for me, A Baby for you. 
All Things Surrogacy
Find A Surrogate

The first topic will be "What does Surrogacy Mean to You?"

Everyone is welcome to join the project by writing a new post about Surrogacy on their own blog or by sharing a post on their website about Surrogacy that they have already completed. You are encouraged, but not required to submit more than one post. 

We will have a main page on the Surrogacy Together website that will promote all of the blog posts and we will update the list with new posts daily.

To submit a post, we need the following information sent to
Website Name
The Post Title
The Post Permalink
The post top three topics
Your Email
You can also tweet in support of Surrogacy families and use the hashtag #SurrogacyTogether. 

Please encourage all your friends to participate! Everyone from the Surrogacy Community is encouraged to contribute to the conversation.

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