IVF Vacation in the Czech Republic

IVF Vacation has taken over 250 couples to the Czech Republic for a 14-21 day trip to Europe for IVF treatments. The cost including airfare appears to be around $8,000. That is with the ability to get cheap air fare from the East Coast of the United States.

If you are flying from the West Coast the trip will be even more expensive. Flights to the Czech Republic can easily be $1,000 per person driving the cost even higher.

A low cost option for American's is just to the South of us. Mexico IVF offers IVF at a costs very competitive with the rest of the world and had US and UK English speaking doctor's at many of the clinic's.

The added bonus is that most US cities have direct flights to Mexico and the flights will only cost a few hundred dollars.

Mexico IVF is helping couples work through and find the easy and best clinic's in Mexico for a Mexico IVF Vacation. We have a trip set-up in December and expect over 10 couples.

The average weather in December will be around 74 degrees and it is the dry season so the weather should be nice.

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