YES! You can have a Surrogated Uterus!

Talk about a language barrier.

When I called the Mexico IVF clinic's telling them I was looking to do Surrogacy in Mexico the reply was flat out NO, we do not do Surrogacy.

Then I changed my question to - I have a Surrogate from the USA - can I bring her there and you transfer into her.

Still mainly NO was the answer, but I started to get some answer's of hmmmm, that is interesting, maybe.

Then I got hold of IMI and their answer was:

Yes! You can have a Surrogated Uterus, but we do not have any. You will have to bring your own!

My immediate thought is: What is a Surrogated Uterus??????
Will the airline let me carry one in my suitcase?
It sounds messy. Will it ruin my luggage?
If they don't have one, where am I supposed to find one?

A Surrogated Uterus sounds like a chopped up Uterus. How are the pieces going to hold a baby?
This can't lead to a healthy pregnancy. Can it?

I follow up with IMI for some clarification.

Surrogated Uterus = Surrogate.

Whew!!!! Ok, we have a Surrogate already that is easy. Besides, even if we didn't have a Surrogate already lined up how hard would it be to find a US Surrogate that wants to spend a long weekend in Mexico on vacation for the transfer.

Then IMI gives us some bonus news. Unlike most US clinic's they don't charge any extra fees when you use a Surrogate. They say "we are doing egg retrieval from one person and transfering into one person so the fees are the same as if someone was doing IVF without a surrogate."

Alright! We go to Mexico and our Surrogate gets a new name and she becomes Duty Free.


Cyn said...

surrogated uterus! That's pretty funny now that you're past it.
The language barrier can be a tough one-glad you all persevered!

I'm 'trying' to be patient with the dropping of bread crumbs.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


I can't tell the whole story in one post. That wouldn't be any fun.

Cyn said...

I know, that just wouldn't be your style, but I'm not sure I can wait for the weekends for the tale to be told.
In all honesty I will wait, and happily, but I will have to whine along the way, or it just wouldn't be my style.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Good News!!

I just made a new post called the Cyn Report.

However, you will have to wait to read it. It is scheduled to post at 12:01 am Sunday.

Enjoy the wait.