Congratulations Are in Order...

Today we hit 6 weeks pregnant and we are clearly bringing a baby home this time.

I am an experienced blogger and have been following infertility blogs for a long time.

I recognize the signs. They are unmistakable. You can't miss them.
Or ignore them because they slap you across your face and demand your attention.

Yesterday -------------

I made my first Beware list.

After about 18 months of posting I have a high enough profile that someone feels that others need to be warned about me.

Fortunately, I have been around IVF world long enough to
know that this is a positive sign.

You see, for the most part people don't kick you when your
down on IVF World -
Unless your name is Amani.

They wait until you are successful and then they attack.

Fortunately, I have my new, I am pregnant force field
surrounding me. So I am unharmed by the attacks.

And amazingly, In one day I have learned what Rhonda
meant by the fun part of a pregnancy.

Because it is REALLY fun when people attack you and the
attack can't get past your - I am pregnant shield -
and harmlessly goes away.

The facts are pretty simple.

I say IMI is great - like most IP's say about their clinic right after they get pregnant.

Then I post on our message board that other couples going to another clinic are not having any success. I link back to the message board in Mexico where I read the post.

Just your normal everyday message board behavior.

And now someone has placed me in the beware section. In Mexico. addohno.gif

Here is the google translated post.

Or you can go to their message board and read it yourself at
AMI Message Board


Hopefully, this issue is not going to transform into a controversial or if it becomes or how well we keep the forum alive. You want to share this page is:
for me it is not clear that these gentlemen have interests in that principal is a Jon Anderson and his wife Christa, others that very few are participating. What is clear is that I want to discredit the New Hope Fertility Clinic and propaganda at IMI, even according to them were made with an IVF clinic in this subrogat breast.
To which I is that we must be very careful we say and we say in this forum pq these people read, pass around a translator for Google and then use the information at their convenience and this is not worth it. Can any of you get belts and Jon Anderson is best to ignore this person. What seems strange is that in this forum are clinical names like IMI, AMI IECH and up ..... not understand ...
Well after visiting this page is going to be any more clear or will take more questions.
Greetings to all


Cyn said...

Wow, double WOW!!

But, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It's wonderful to hear you so optimistic and happy! (even if you are on a beware list)

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

It just seems that time and time again when an IP shares their good news someone comes and attacks you out of nowhere.

Mainly because, they had a bad experience with the same doctor.

So we are lying or must be paid because we are saying good things about him.

It's pretty funny. you should read the threads over at

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

They think that Christy and I made up all 250 people on our message board and pretend to be them. Also, when I posted a link to Sart & a Dr. clinical report from a respected clinic that I made up those numbers as well.

They are happy that they have not fallen for my trap.

I don't even now what my trap is - what an I going to send people from Mexico to Mexico for IVF.


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Oh, I am not touching this one with a ten foot pole!!! Been there done that!

Hang in there and just continue on your happy journey!

Love and hugs to you both,

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


I have seen you go through it - and others - to the point I think it is funny. It is encouraging actually, because it means I have something that someone else wants..

A baby on the way.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

The great thing about this beware post is that by the end you have two lawyers in Mexico tell everyone that Surrogacy is not illegal in Mexico and that what we did is ok.