The Mystery of Mexico IVF - We're Alive

Starting out our internet search for US couples that have gone to Mexico leads to a lot of DEAD ends. Literally...... To the point one couple emailed me recently saying

My husbnd is concerned about the retrieval. You felt he was a great surgeon to put your wife out for retrieval. Its funny you mentioned it because everytime i could not find someone posting back after supposedly going to him, I had visions of him putting people to sleep and having them never wake up. This is what the media paints medical care out of the states as. I was releived when i saw that you guys actually came back alive and successful. So, at this point I am glad he is a legitimate doctor.

The quality and standard of care was a valid concern of ours. Especially, when we were not doing IVF on ourselves, but bringing a 3rd person into a possible mess as our surrogate.

When you read the posts online people always say that I am going to Mexico for IVF.... And then you never hear from them again. I'm thinking.... C'mon...... what happened? We need an update...... Did you live? Did you go? Have your baby and moved on ?

With no updates we are left with doubts. Second guessing ourselves. Is this a good idea?

I'm all for being a pioneer..... But, pioneer's often get arrows in the back.

Our we up for this? Failure breeds doubt.

We suck it up and go visit a clinic. The initial consultation is $40 it's worth a try. The clinic's 5
minutes from the US border. We can walk across the border and hop right in a cab.

A $5 cab ride to his office sit in his office for the meeting. A $5 cab ride back to the border.
Get dropped off right in front of the Customs office.

Maybe 2 hours total time in Mexico.

Sure Mexico is in the middle of a drug war, but 2 hours in the middle of the day.

We should be able to survive that without being kidnapped, mugged, raped, or beheaded.

Right? Well....... Maybe...... I Don't Know..........

But, were infertile. So we have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

So Let's Go!


Cyn said...

Brilliant! I love knowing what you were thinking- and more importantly to hear about it after you've 'survived'.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Now our Embryo's are playing their own version of Survivor.

Their game is very hard to sit through.

Especially, right now when we are still waiting to know how many contestants are left.