Why go to Mexico for IVF and Surrogacy?

I was recently asked why go to Mexico for IVF and Surrogacy? Aren't there other cheaper more reliable options for surrogacy? A lot of people are going to India, why didn't you go that route?

I really, really, really, looked hard at going to India because everyone kept saying that it was so cheap. I found out that this wasn't true once you added in all of the non-surrogacy expenses.

You have at least two 30 hour flights to get to India. Then you have the hotel fees on the first trip of around 2 weeks and the baby pick-up takes around a month.

The DNA tests cost a few hundred, plus extra fees for the birth certificate and passport. Mexico ended up being so much cheaper. And closer.

We walked across the border and did our pre-testing and monitoring while staying at home.

Flights were only 3 hours and costs $100 each way. We went in the winter and left the rain to arrive in 80 degree weather.

We spent 7 days in Guadalajara. We flew our surrogate in from the USA after we arrived and she spent 4 days in Mexico and loved the vacation. That was the entire trip to Mexico.

Now we are all safely back in the USA and in a Pre-Birth order state for delivery so as the Intended Parent our names will go on the birth certificate. The birth and pregnancy happen here in the USA where we have excellent rights as the Intended Parents.

We got the best of both worlds. Affordable IVF and the comfort of home.


Cyn said...

What else could you ask for?

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I could think of a lot of things to ask for on this trip. As great as Guadalajara is as a city and how nice the people were my first choice would have been Cancun. If I could have found a clinic there it would have been my first choice.

Silvia Martin said...
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Surrogacy in India said...

This was a wonderful opertunity for the mothers who could not able to give birth.Thanks for sharing.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


It would be cheaper to get to India from London our Australia, but I live in San Diego and when I walk on the beach I can see Mexico.

Basically, it's the old saying "I can see it from my house." If I could afford a multi-million dollar beach has that is.

Flying from San Diego to India is very expensive. The cheapest flight I have seen online is $1,400 abd a 30 hour flight.

Many of the flights are 35-37 hours.

That means our round trip flight alone would be TWO days. That is not my idea of fun.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Surrogacy in India,

Yes, Surrogacy in Mexico is opening a door for many and very easy on the travel budget.

Cyn said...

Guadalajara, Cancun, it's all the same to me, as I've only crossed the border into Juarez and I'm pretty sure you don't want to do IVF there-I was barely brave enough to be guided by a Native friend to a 'friendly' discount jeweler.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


Living in Southern California going to Tijuana is what you do in college. The drinking age is 18 so everyone makes the trip at least once.

Guadalajara is nothing like Tijuana and a very enjoyable safe place to visit.

The thing that stood out to me was that everyone was just going about their life.

Anonymous said...

just curious i would like to into this info of mexico how do i look into this ?

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Email info@mexicoivf.org with your questions.