Microsort in Mexico is For All Ages

Our message board breathed new life into a set of IP's. They need to do Microsort and in the US you can only do it as part of a study and due to their age they had been turned down.

Well in Mexico there is NO age requirement and anyone can sign up with only a few requirements.
The fee for Microsort is $1,200.

What are the qualifications for family balancing?
Couples who want to use MicroSort to balance the genders of their children must:
• Be married
• Have at least one child
• Sort for the underrepresented gender in the family
• Be negative for HIV, and Hepatitis B surface antigen and C antibody
What are the qualifications for couples at risk for X-linked disorders?
Couples who want to use MicroSort to reduce the probability of genetic disease transmission must:
• Be married
• Be a known carrier of an X-linked or X-limited disorder
• Be negative for HIV, and Hepatitis B surface antigen and C antibody
How does MicroSort define family balancing?
Family balancing means bringing the number of children of each gender closer to equal in a family.
You can’t use MicroSort for family balancing if:
• You are seeking treatment for a first child
• Your family already has an equal number of boys and girls
• You want to sort for an over-represented gender in your family


Cyn said...

Isn't it amazing the number of lives you can change just by sharing your experiences!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Our trip to Mexico started on five things.

1) Rhonda's blog talking about going to India.
2) Another going to India blog where they joked about how they went half-way around the world and ended up in Mexico.
3) A friend that went on a cruise to Mexico and said there were IVF billboards everywhere.
4) Our focus on Guadalajara started when I found a website about someone that went to Guadalajara from the US and had twins.
5)A blog in Mexico with a post called "This is my doctor."

ivfmexico said...

Thanks for sharing the idea ...nice post........
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