The Hearbeat Challenge

Tomorrow morning is the Heart Beat Challenge for our baby.

I believe in competition, challenges, and having goals.

And this is one of the first early tests that we need to win.
Sometimes in life, you don't "want to win."
You "have to win."
And this is one of those moments.

Besides you can't start winning to early in life.

I believe that "success breeds success!" And that "one win leads to another."

So it's time for our baby to start "being a winner."

(Ya, I know, sports metaphors everywhere.)

Now before you start thinking that I am one of "those Dad's".
Trying to re-live my glory days through my child.

Remember, that I was born in the stone age before 8 week ultrasounds and
Heart Beat monitoring. So our baby will be praised or cursed on his own accomplishments.
Not compared to mine.

("Cursed" is clearly not the correct word to use, but I will have to start writing for Women's Home Journal if I start using phrases like "cried for.")

Nor, is this a team sport where his teammates can help or hurt his performance.
Nor, is he competing against another baby to see who has a higher heart beat.

He enters his first competition alone, there has been no coaching or instructions from us. Sure he has well documented fans, cheerleaders, and supports, but for this competition the spotlight is on him and he most perform without our help.

We can't hold his hand are pat him on the back for encouragement, but we are sure that he knows what to do and how to perform.

We are confident that he is prepared to win the Heart Beat Challenge.


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

We are cheering baby on from the side lines!


Cyn said...

Love it! I have no sports analogies for you, but I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow!!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


While you always want to take it "one win at a time."

My Favorite cheer has always been "We want another one - just like the other one."

Jenn.. .. .. said...

What a great post. I love your writing!!! I am praying for the little one today... can't wait for an update!