Just Pregnant and Happy... OR What About Beta #2?

Other working titles are... The Cyn report*.

Today we are 5 weeks, 5 days pregnant.
Beta #1 at 20 days past ET was 3,334.2
Our surrogate has morning sickness everyday.
We will not have a second Beta done.

That's it!
That's the entire report!

Now you know as much as we do about the pregnancy. That is all the information we have - there is nothing else to share about the pregnancy.

We just have the story of how we got pregnant to share.

For us, this time less is more.

Doing IVF was a project. We have old eggs. Our chances of success were low. We made a small ante into the pot and got in the game.

We found a nickel and dime game in Mexico - so we could afford to enter a few hands. We might not win this pot, but hey, we have enough in reserves to enter again soon. We didn't have to go all in just for the IVF.

We figured that in this game of IVF odds - the more chances we could afford to take - the better odds we would have in the long run.

Then the unthinkable happened.

We got a positive at home pregnancy test. Followed by a very high beta. Followed by morning sickness.

The first time we did IVF this news was expected and we were very happy.

This time we treated the news like we were a bunch of teenagers.

I don't believe it.....
It's a mistake....
We went to Mexico.....
It's not possible....
I don't believe her.....
There's no way it worked......

The game just changed on us and we weren't ready. Not prepared in the least bit.

We entered a penny game of IVF. We won - because we were playing the game. That was enough to make us happy. We had an opportunity. That's all we needed.

Being pregnant changed the game instantly.

Our small ante into IVF world moved to the HIGH STAKES TABLE...

And we are all in....

At least emotionally.

We now have everything to lose.....

At least emotionally.

So for now - We don't want any reports. No doctor visits. Nothing to share. No news is good news.

We are Pregnant and Happy.

Just Enjoying the Moment.

*Next Cyn Report - Jan. 26th


RebekahRose said...

Hugs and happy tears!!!! :)

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...



People complain about the 2WW. That was a simple. The wait from pregnancy to heartbeat is brutal.

I expect that Heartbeat to viability will be even worse.

Cyn said...

First of all-YEAH for a Cyn report, secondly, I hope I'm not a terrible pain in the butt. I really could not be more excited for you both!
I do not blame you at all for not having a 2nd Beta-if the doctors aren't asking for it, it really is overkill. I'm assuming Jan 26 is the ultrasound, and as excited as I am for that day, I certainly hope there are more tales to come of how you got here-a daily schedule would be just fine. :)

I'm also going to read between the lines and assume that 'no doctors visits' just refers to 'in the beginning' or you won't be attending them. A woman does not typically see her OB until after a certain point in the pregnancy anyhow, I'm pretty sure you don't mean that your surro will not be having medical care. If I'm wrong, feel free to elaborate in a future post.

At this point all you can do is let things happen. Either it will be a success or it won't, but you can't control the outcome this early in the game.

Thanks for the update. Seriously, feel free to tell me to back off or just don't post my comments and I'll get the message. :)

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


Half the fun in posting is knowing that I am giving out just enough information and details to frustrate you.

You must remember that this is an IVF/Surrogacy pregnancy and they are highly monitored.

It doesn't matter what we want the doctor will have a mind of his own.

Cyn said...

With it being an IVF in Mexico pregnancy, I thought perhaps the monitoring was different. I sure do wish there was a blog I could follow to learn all the ins and outs of IVF in Mexico.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Now your being silly.

That's like saying because you did your last transfer in San Francisco that your pregnancy was in San Fransisco.

Lucky for you that your doctor made a mistake and let you go home.

The IVF was in Mexico.
The pregnancy is in the USA.
The birth is in the USA.

Remember the part - We get the best of both world's comment?

Our surrogate was flown in from the US to Mexico on an airplane. She stayed in a nice hotel like a vacation.

She visited the Dr.'s office twice.

First for bloodwork and a lining check. We were going to do the transfer on that day, but let them embryo's grow for one more day.

She came back the second time and we did the transfer.

One day of rest at the hotel.

On the 4th day we spent a few hours as a tourist seeing the town before our flight.

We flew back to San Diego and then the surrogate went home. To her family in the US.

Our Surrogate spent a total of 4 days in Mexico. That's it...

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

You are so right! The wait is horrible and exciting and nerve racking and amazing and all the ups and downs of pregnancy!

Enjoy the ride...it has just begun and it sure to be a fun one!

We are so very excited for you both.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


Thank you.

We've gone through a lot. It's been:

Exciting, Thrilling, Breathtaking, frustrating, and nerve wracking.

The fun part must be act 2.

We can't wait.