Paco has a stong heart beat....

I am really slow on this update, but here are the pictures that matter:

The is a zoomed in picture of Paco's heart beating.
The red parts are his heart.


The baby has a current beta name of Paco. This is mainly a creation of our surrogate, which shows that we don't need to see eye to eye on everything and can still get along.

The heartbeat at the week 8 ultrasound is 167. This is very strong and means that Paco passed
the heartbeat challenge with flying colors.


On week 8 we measured 7 weeks 6 days and we are told that with an IVF pregnancy anywhere plus or minus 3 days is normal.

Now we should have around 4 weeks of clear stress free sailing.

The next main event for Paco is the Nuchal.
He will win this by having a skinny neck. No fat neck babies for us.

This week we killed the wolf.


Cyn said...

I hope you make a rug or something with the wolf, so everyone can see that the wolf came and you conquered it!

Yay for 4 weeks stress free-as if!

Paco is beautiful already!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I was thinking more of getting an abstract painting done of the heart beat.

I think that it looks really cool.