The mystery of Mexico IVF

As I started investigation the option for IVF and Surrogacy in Mexico I figured that it would be pretty easy to find information about the clinic's and the Doctor's. With all of the internet forums out there for infertility there must be a wealth of knowledge and 100's of couples to get referrals from.

Boy was I wrong.

I could find pretty much zip, zilch, zero. At least in terms of reliable information.

I filled out one online form for "IVF in Mexico" and when I mentioned we needed surrogacy they emailed me prices for a clinic in India. After getting the email I went back to the website to see the form that I filled out and sure enough it stated clearly - IVF in Mexico. So much for reliable information.

Another time, I was speaking directly with an IVF Doctor in Mexico and his suggestion was to do the IVF in Mexico and then ship our embryo's to India to be implanted in a surrogate there.

Why kind of treatment is that?

Then I filled out a form for the Mexico IVF Experts. They wanted to pick us up and the Tijuana and drive us to the clinic for treatment and then drive us back to the border. This was to make sure that we were safe during our time in Tijuana because it is a very dangerous place.

However, we didn't feel very trusting of them when they first wanted $19,000 for IVF and wouldn't even tell me who the doctor was or what hospital they worked with for IVF.

When I questioned them some more they lowered the price to $14,000 and assured me that this is a great savings compared to getting IVF done in the USA.

Regardless, of the fact that you can find IVF in the USA for cheaper then that - the cost in Mexico is only $6,500 with Meds.

Ya, I really trusted this guy to pick me up at the border and drive me to an undisclosed locations while I had $14,000 in my pocket.

I keep reading all of these websites telling me that US couples are going to Mexico for IVF treatment, but none of them can even tell me the basics about IVF or if Surrogacy is an option. Is it legal? Do you have any successful US couples that I can talk to about their experiences?

One article's headline is "US women are flocking to Mexico for IVF". Yet, I can't even find one that is willing to share her story. Is it really that bad that nobody will talk about their experience? Or is it just a lot of hype? Either way, it's clear that the story is not true.

Usually, all I get back is a price sheet if I am lucky and told that they have a lot of US clients, but because of the patients privacy they can't give out their information to me.

What a bunch of B.S. I was getting from a bunch of salesman that really had no clue what IVF was and where just reading from a sheet of paper. The same as if I called about knee surgery, Lipo, or Breast Augmentation.

It sure didn't inspire confidence in any of the clinic's in Mexico. Especially, when you call them and don't speak Spanish they just hang up on you.

How do you solve the mystery when you don't even speak the language?


Cyn said...

Time and persistence. Looking forward to the next, 'installment'.

Your faithful stalker :)

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

A big thing that slowed us down was the safety issue. Would we feel and be safe? Or get kidnapped and beheaded?

How much of the war in Mexico is a media story and how much is real?

There are more murders/deaths per year then Iraq or afghanistan.

Christy said...

I would just like to add a "nada" to your "zip zero zilch" in honor of the amazing experience we eventually had :)

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


I will add your comment. De Nada

This means: think nothing and is used as the phrase your welcome.