No Bleed - Is A Good Bleed

As a couple that has been on the wrong side of a bleed - Let me tell you that they are not pretty or fun to deal with. In our first cycle we had one start in week 5 and slowly take out our twins.

We were patiently waiting to get past that point so we could start to accept the pregnancy.

Our 6th week started yesterday with no sign of a bleed.

Christy gets the daily report every morning that we made it through another night and are at least temporarily safe to breath for the day.

We have 13 days to our first ultrasound where we plan on counting heads for the first time on week 8.

At this stage I feel that a big weight has been taking off of my shoulder's and we might get to move out of IVF Land and Surrogacy World by next winter and re-join the normal world.

Where people have more than one goal, one mission, and one obsession.

I have no idea how to be a well rounded person anymore. If I ever did.

Surely, people will tell me that I am just moving to a new neighborhood called -
ParentHOOD. OR maybe Daddyville.

I can't worry about what the new location will look like and be like. Those are changes
for another day. Still so far in the future that the thought brings comfort instead of stress.

Bliss instead of sleepless nights.

Well - maybe when I am making a post at 4am I should call this a sleepless night.
But, it is a relaxing night. I would compare this to Christmas as a child.

And we will call today Dec. 23rd. - The Day before the Day.

We have already been able to sneak a pick and know what our present will be.

It is a secret so we can't share. A little nervous that we might not get what we want, but we saw it and are very sure it will be there for us soon.

When we wake up. In two days.

So close. Yet so far.

How can you sleep with the anticipation.....

The excitement.....

The completion of a dream.....

So close, yet still just out of reach.....


Cyn said...

Great analogy! I honestly can't imagine how it feels, there's never been a Christmas gift that I wanted so badly! I must go mark my calendar now-I was afraid I was going to have to go back to an old post to find the ultrasound date.
Keep breathing-you're almost there (and then another wait, and another and another, but you're on the track and that's what matters).

Christy said...

I for one am sleeping with one eye open and checking through out the night to make sure the Grinch doesn't come by and steal our Christmas!

Stupid Grinch....even worse than Gringos! HAHA

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


It is a series of 2 week waits. We are on the 3rd one currently.