Mexico Surrogacy Pioneer

Yes. We were first.

The first USA couple to our knowledge that went to Mexico for Surrogacy with a USA surrogate to get pregnant.

The have been a few other cases of surrogacy in Mexico. One couple from third country has a USA surrogate and did the transfer in Mexico City. But, that we know of where all 3 of us are from the USA.

The first where none of us speak Spanish.

And it was De Nada!!!

And the first to share our story on the internet.

So naturally, people question our choices. They attack our opinions. Question our values. At least in Mexico where Surrogacy is not common. They have agreed that it's legal and most people think that it's great, but a few question if it's moral.

Mexico is a Catholic country. And the church doesn't approve.

In the US, they want to know if it's safe, do they speak English, are they professional, is it legal?

And were we comfortable in our choice of a clinic?

Events in IVF land move fast. The people that don't live as infertile have a hard time keeping up. What is forbidden one day is standard practices the next year.

Just a few years ago only 25 US couples went to India for Surrogacy. Now it's in the hundreds.

Two years ago I started a blog called the tale of two surros. Many people said it was a horrible idea. That they wouldn't do it. Now it is almost the standard for international couples to use two surrogates.

With IVF everyone needs to draw their own lines on what is good for them. Most people are only focused on the mountain that they are climbing. The cross they bear. Or the bridge they have to cross.

For one couple it's IVF.
The next Surrogacy.
Another Egg or Sperm Donor's.
Single Parents.
Gay Couples.
60 year old Mothers.

They often think that the next step is too far, but that their step is just right. Or at least ok.

  • They justify it in their mind.
  • They have accepted their cross.
  • They are willing to pay their price.
  • But, question and doubt the next person and their choice.
As a Mexico Surrogacy Pioneer we have proudly gone first and have blazed a trail so that other Intended Parents can follow. We are sharing our story so that other couples can have a chance at a child.

The option is there. And It's affordable.

That is a wonderful message to share.


Cyn said...

So you'll keep on sharing it? :) This post sounds suspiciously like a previous post that has been removed. Now I'm curious why the post swap.
Alas, you always keep me coming back for more.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I can't get anything past you.

The title of the post wasn't accurate. Originally, the title was Mexico IVF Pioneer.

Then I wrote about how we were the first to do Surrogacy in Mexico.

So to keep the title and the post in sync - I changed the title to Mexico Surrogacy Pioneer.

Cyn said...

That was precisely what I figured when I went back and double checked, however I started to think maybe you were bombarded with threats about the inaccurate title and there was actually a fantastic story behind the change.