gringos have low mental capacities... and I am the worst.

At least that is what my "new friend" has said about me on the AMI message board in Mexico.

Which just goes to show you that when it comes to message boards and comments that they are they same worldwide.

I think that I might need to use the phrase as my new tagline.
It is original. And I think that it is funny.

If they are going to spin themselves out I will have fun watching.
And if I can help them spin a little faster - all the better.

It's all in good fun. I mean what are the going to do?
Insult me over the internet with their words.

Clearly, that will not have any effect on me -
For I am a stupid gringo. The worst of them.

They complain, that I am taking advantage of their low cost IVF.
I just saved a ton of money by going to Mexico. How stupid can I be?

It is just funny how when someone makes a post on the AMI message board that
says "I have a doubt about this doctor" you have 4-5 women come on the board
right away and they say - "He got me pregnant, I recommend him."

Then you have a post about another doctor that says -
"80% failure rate - only 20% get to transfer".
Instead of women coming on the board saying "He got me pregnant, I recommend him."

They are flaming the original poster and telling them "it is not good to discredit a doctor
in this way."


"You should not say these things."

OR my personal favorite

"Even though we didn't get the success that we hoped for, He is a wonderful person."

All that has to happen is one person to say "He got me pregnant, I recommend him."
and the whole thread would die down and everyone would move on.

I think that this is important information that anyone considering Mexico for IVF would be
interested in knowing.

So like a lamb being lead directly to the mouth of the wolf.

I sent a link to this thread off of our message board and all of a sudden I have 80 hits a day
from Mexico and they are posting back on their board telling each other that I am out to discredit this doctor and promote another doctor.

Like I really care.

He is not MY doctor. What's his success/failure what got to do with my success?


MY doctor got use pregnant. That is MY only concern. Nothing else matters to me.

So they can say that -

gringos have low mental capacities...
and I am the worst.

And my reply is -

methinks thou doth protest too much.

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