Another Day Older.....


Actually, we are now two days older since the start of the bleed.

It appears through my 2nd hand report that we do not have any new blood -
so we are out of the red - so to speak.

At least for the moment.

The way that the information flows around here is that Christy gets a text message in the morning with an update. This information is then relayed to me via Christy.

Through this monitoring system we have the daily panty report.
Now mind you - This is not the daily Panty check system that I ever
envisioned that I would be part of.

However, the focus of the situation is that we are back to No Bleed, is a Good Bleed.

We have determined that for the 8 week ultrasound next week that the min. heart beat should be 149. At an increase of 3.3 beats per day we should be at 150. Borderline at best.

When we had the last Ultrasound our heartbeat was at 124 at 6 w6d.

At 124 we have a 70-90% chance of success.

If we had a heartbeat under 120 at that time our success rate would have been 62%.

We will not find out anything new until the 26th.

So it's wait, wait, wait until then.

And just focus on the numbers. The percentages are still on our side.


Cyn said...

For all the worrying that I KNOW my IM did, I was never aware that the heartrate gave a percentage of success, I wonder if she just never stumbled upon these stats (doubtful) or if she just never worried me about them (the likely answer).
At any rate, today seems like a better day and for that I am thankful!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

As the IF the numbers are how I experience the pregnancy.

I think that most IP's consult with Dr. google for a second opinion after every report.

You go through so many numbers getting to the pregnancy - clinic study's, Sart reports, pregnancy rates vs. live birth rates, odds or twins. odds of triplets, odds if miscarriage, frozen transfer rates, rates of implatation by embryo grade, pregnancy by age group, mature follicles to eggs, eggs to fertilization, fetilization to healthy embryo, embryo growth rate, Defrag rate to pregnancy rate, etc., etc., etc.

I think that the numbers just keep following you.

Jenn.. .. .. said...

I am sending many prayers that the stats STAY on your side and the little one continues to grow big and strong!! xoxo

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


We are tracking them daily and expect the best.