Affordable Surrogacy - Only $103,490, plus extra's.......

Today, we got an email from someone asking us to share our Surrogacy story.
They think that we have valuable insights to share "because we didn't have a smooth road."

It makes it sound as if we were damaged by our journey.

Surrogacy was never an issue for us. We were not damaged, injured, destroyed, or
even emotionally challenged by the Surrogacy side of our adventure.

Well..... maybe a little emotionally challenged.

However, we had tons of issue with a lack of RESOURCES.

Everything was running along smooth and on track for us until we lost our twins
during our first attempt at IVF.

Losing our twins was a major emotional shot. But, this would have been the same feelings
if Christy was the one pregnant. Having a Surrogate lose the twins didn't make things different.

We moved on to a frozen transfer - and it failed.

A little later we did another frozen transfer - and it failed.

Now we are 3 time failures and we are out of Money. Now we have problems
with Surrogacy. We can't afford to continue.

The pregnancy clock is ticking and we can't even get in the game. We are left sitting on
the sidelines watching.

Waiting for our turn to participate. Again.

With no RESOURCES. We are locked out of trying.

Nobody will help.

At least not the professionals in the field.

Call an Agency with out Money and see how long the call last.

How about a Surrogacy Lawyer. Think they will help?
Good Luck with that one.

An IVF doctor? Surely, they will care. That's their job.
Their responsibility.

Most of them will love to talk to you.

For an initial consultation fee of $250 they will tell you they
need an additional $15,000+ to see you again.

But, they really feel for you and would love to help you have a baby.

Oh ya, you will need to spend a few thousand dollars on meds.

And your new surrogate will need thousands of dollars of testing
that you just paid to be done on your prior surrogate.

So an agency, lawyer, and doctor will not talk to me and my eggs
are turning to dust daily.

^%*&# them and their whole cartel!

This is my Surrogacy problem.

If we had money at this point - we wouldn't of had any problem.

We could have just paid our way to the next step and moved on
quickly with our life.

Money could have made our surrogacy problem go away.

Instead, the professionals make Surrogacy a secret and if you don't know the secret
handshake you can't get the information you need.

You need to pay them $100,000+ they will let you into the club.

They will walk you through and show you the way.

But, don't look to hard behind the curtain.

And don't take notes.

Because then you might be able to do it yourself.

And not have to pay the hugely marked up fees required to have a baby by some agency.

Because according to the "surrogacy experts" who are all "professionals" in the field
and need to protect their pockets going independent is like joining the devil.

The lack of Resources to just pay a fee to get the answers lead me on an extremely
long journey to find my own way.

We found lawyers that will lower their fees for Intended Couples and IVF clinics that
will waive their initial consultation fee. They are out there knowledgeable and helpful.

When you focus all of your attention on a problem you find answers.

Find a way to be successful and get things done.

To get pregnant, have a baby, and move forward with life.

To succeed and be successful.

And then turn around and help others accomplish the same goal
and joys.

For a lot less than $103,490, plus extra's.

It can be done.

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