The search is on....For compassionate Surrogates

For compassionate Surrogates.

I am starting the search.

The search for a surrogate.

Many really.

Who can be reasonable with their fees.

It's not for me. OR US.

It's for other couples.

It appears that there is a never ending list of infertile couples.

If 1 in 6 couples are infertile - that's a lot.

A lot of people that want a child and can't have their own.

We have been down that road.

Dealt with the struggle.

And are now helping others.

An International list of who's who.

I take that back. We are not working with Hollywood Stars or the Rich and Famous.

It's more like - Who's that?

Your average Joe and Jane. Your normal couple.

That is struggling with infertility.

A strong desire to procreate, but no answer in how.

No solution to their problem. Without help from others.

They need a compassionate surrogate that will work with them for a reasonable fee.

First time surrogates can earn $15,000 and experienced surrogates can earn up to $25,000 or more.

No freebie, by any means, but a price that many couples can afford.

So that they are not priced out of having a child.

If you are interested in helping an infertile couple become a family please email me at:

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