The Anti-blogger....And clothes...

Christy called me the Anti-blogger the other day since it has been so long between my posts. I have been so interested in the medical side and the adventure to Mexico that I have had much to share about my investigation into IVF and Surrogacy.

We had a successful pregnancy test and have gotten through the iffy stages and are flowing through a very boring healthy pregnancy. It is very nice to have a surrogate that is drama free.

So this leads me to my issue of the day.

What is left for me to blog about?

Your normal IM would write - "We went shopping today and bought this cute outfit!!!!!"

"It was so much fun!!!!!"

I would tell you to - "just kill me now" if I was forced to write about clothes and shopping - But our child does need a dad so I need to play it conservative and just stay away from the topic as much as possible.

And the fact that we have a girl coming takes away from the fun of telling Christy that I will dress our boy in pink.

I am busy with telling everyone that our girl's color wheel is light blue and yellow and she has a surfer theme.

I get the response - OH! you wanted a boy. And check out this great Hawaiian print outfit.

My thoughts are surfboards, sky, and sun. Not flower prints and thatch huts.

I didn't know that California had a surfer culture and style that was so distinct.

Also, I hardly find a light blue and yellow dress OR a frilly top with light blue and yellow butterflies a boys outfit.
The butterfly shirt was originally vetoed on by her older sister, but I overruled her and we went and bought it

It is amazing that clothes already define our girl - and according to her mother she already has a very distinct style.
Yet, Christy wants to call me weird for declaring that she has a color wheel. So our girl can have a style, but not a color. Somebody clearly has a screw loose.

I guess that Christy must think that our child will be color blind.

I am already a changed man. I use to write about science, travel, and odds - and now I blog about fashion, color, and style.

To Christy's horror I get to show off my metro-sexual side.

Oh, the joys of being a dad.


Cyn said...

Oh the joys of being a dad to a GIRL!!
You did quite well with this post that was going to have nothing to do with shopping talk!
I personally prefer to pick a color wheel based on the month the child will be born in. My poor niece and the 2nd twins will forever receive a green outfit from me due to them being due in March (my son has the same fate).
I'd be watching for some red in the mail!

smm said...

So I take it from your post that I should NOT be buying the grass crib skirt Christy thought was soooo cute!!! LOL

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


I am sure that you know that girls rule the world and my opinion doesn't really mean much. If you read my post you will see that Christy is normally not agreeing with me.


You can read Cyn's comment - I say "we want light blue and yellow" - she says "expect something red from me."

Clearly, I have very little influence on people. I think that blogging is a great way to lower my self-esteem.

smm said...

As the person who sends Christy all the links to surfer baby clothes and room decor, I will try sending her links for more things you might actually like! LOL!! However, I did just order something which will be coming your way in blue!!! :) Susan