Video on Demand - Ultrasound


Cyn said...

Dang it!! I don't have 10 minutes this morning!! But the first 1 1/2 min left me with tears. Did you see her little arms? and her feet? She looks just like her little countdown baby!!
I can no longer call her Paco-must rename, soon!

Thanks for uploading. I will finish watching when I return home this afternoon!

Cyn said...

I'm at 5:23 and I have to ask: is she moving all over the place because the tech was pushing or is she just a little Mexican Jumping Bean?
At 2:38, is that her little bum?
I bet it was amazing to see in person!!

Christy said...

She is a non-stop Mexican jumping bean and yep that is a long bum shot. Mostly her knees to her feet because she kept crossing her ankles and pulling them up to hide her bum.

My favorite is the first 3D shot where she keeps flashing the "L" on her forehead.