Reality is negotiable.

When you are told that they are testing your future child for Downs and that you have a 1/69 chance of having it based on your age alone - that sounds bad. Horrific really.

Then when they do a visual test it comes back inconclusive - that sounds bad. Horrific really.

However, when you look at the odds and breakdown that 1/69 actual means there is a 1.44% chance we would have Downs and a 98.56% chance of having a healthy baby. That sounds positive to me.

It's the first time - in our whole IVF life that the odds have been on our side. Squarely, on our side.

I mean when doing IVF we had higher odds for getting triplets (2-3%) then we know have for getting downs. Clearly it happens, but it is rare.

Also, 70-80 of Downs cases can be determined straight from the visual of the nuchal.
This means that we really have a .0432% of having a Downs baby since Downs couldn't be visually determined.

That gives us a 99.9568% chance of having a healthy baby.

Which number would you rather have on your head?

A 1/69 chance of having downs - or a 98.56% chance of being healthy?

They are the same number - and mean the same thing, but one is much more comforting.

Paco already won the heart beat challenge and killed the wolf. So we have very high expectations of him. With that track record he must be healthy. But, maybe a her - Paca.

Either way - A Boy or a Girl - Paco is mighty.

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Cyn said...

I LOVE that you've finally found a way to make the numbers work for you! All day I've been thinking of sharing a quote with you and it's as though you've heard my thoughts, "You're as happy as you decide to be."
Be happy!! There is much to be happy about!