Surrogacy Delivery at the Hospital....

I understand when the public doesn't "get" the whole surrogate - intended parent
relationship. However, I expected more from the hospital.

Every step along the way, the medical profession treated us as the parents and the
surrogate as the gestational carrier.

Then, for the first time, in our case at the delivery of our baby some members of the hospital
staff clearly didn't get it.

The medical care was outstanding and we couldn't have been happier with
the hospital in that regard.

The emotional care was often left wanting.

The majority of the staff went out of their way to accommodate us
the Intended Parents as the parents.

However, there were a few long time staffers who just didn't get the whole thing.

They would look at us and acknowledge "I know you are the parents" and then
turn to the surrogate and go "okay MOM, what do you want to do."

Our surrogate would then look at us for the answer.

I could understand the mistake if it was only made once. But, it happened again and again.

We corrected them, they acknowledged us, told us we were correct, and then called the surrogate
MOM again.

Sure it was a minor thing, by an uninformed person, and we only had to deal with them for part
of our time at the hospital as the staff rotated through their shift. But, it was uncomfortable every time
it happened.

Overall, it was the last and only time that's happened and nobody is confused now.

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