Surrogacy, Who's Pregnancy is it?

There is an ancient phrase "Possession is nine-tenths of the law" that 
is about land, property, or other tangible items, but I keep thinking that 
it applies to Surrogacy.

During the Surrogacy journey everyone's emotions swing back and 
forth based on possession. 

Most people are thinking that "it's an embryo," or " a fetus,"
and only later "a baby" what is there to possess before the birth? 

There are many things to possess during the process. A short list is:
  • The thought of a baby.
  • Expecting A Miracle.
  • The Surrogates agreement to Match and join the endeavor.
  • The DNA.
  • The Egg.
  • The Sperm.
  • The Embryo.
  • The Uterus.
  • The Information.
  • The Pregnancy Results.
  • The Heart Beat Results.
  • The Numbers and medical reports from the Dr. Visits.
  • The Pregnancy.
  • The Ultrasound Pictures.
  • The Delivery.
  • The Baby.
Most of the time, the main possession during the 
Surrogacy is information. 

The open, honest, and unfiltered truth about 
what is going on with the
joint endeavor at a particular moment in time.

One side is left in the dark trying to figure out 
what is going on without
the needed details to make an informed decision. 

In marriage they say people "fight about the money." 
In Surrogacy, it's all in the information.
What's happening today? How is the pregnancy, right now?


Cyn said...

I can agree with this statement. Makes me wonder how much of it I can't actually read (not all of the text came up in the blog).
I think that is precisely where a lot of the issues come up. When a surrogate doesn't believe that the parents are entitled to ALL of the information, it's a recipe for disaster. Quite often the surrogate thinks she is keeping the information to make things 'easier' on the parents (I didn't want to needlessly worry them), but I'm pretty sure the parents are worried throughout the entire pregnancy and the knowledge and information does actually help to alleviate some of the concerns.
I always preferred to 'overshare'.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I don't know why the fonts on this post are all over the place, but I can't get it to show up correctly.

Anyway, the information issue is a shared issue. More often then not it is the Intended Parents that are the one's keeping the secrets.