Surrogate Mother Claims to Be Wife......

Surrogate Mother Claims to Be Wife....Couple Says She Was Hired

In India, it appears to be ok to have multiple wives, but there are no laws regarding Surrogacy.

A local businessman and his wife appeared to have hired a women to be the Surrogate for them.

The Surrogate went on the birth certificate as the wife.

Now she demands protection of her "Rights as Wife."

In the meantime, the police refuse to solve the issue of Surrogacy because it is not covered
under the law of the country.

The Intended Parents have NO LEGAL RIGHTS TO THEIR CHILD.

Here is the Story:

A businessman in the city locked in a dispute with a woman, who he claimed to be the surrogate mother of his child, today said the lady was "hired" for Rs1 lakh.
However, according to an FIR filed by the woman, she has claimed the status of wife and declined to hand over the child to the couple.
Police said the custody of the one-year-old child was granted to the woman identified as Rani in the FIR. The child was born last year in a private nursing homein Ghaziabad. In the hospital register, she is identified as wife of Madan Lal.
The child's father said, Rani, in her 30s, was hired by the couple as his wife was infertile. He said they had given Rs1 lakh to the woman.
Police said she refused to give the child's custody to the couple and went to her house in New Delhi with the boy. Three months back, Lal brought her here and she stayed with the family. But she demanded a separate house to live with him and the child.
Yesterday, she had filed a complaint with police in Kavinagar demanding protection of her rights as wife. Police said she claimed that he had married her secretly, but the man was living with his legal wife.
No case is registered so far, police said adding the custody of the child was given to Rani as mother's care was required for the toddler now.
She is now at her father's house in New Delhi with the child. Police denied to have solved the matter of surrogation as it is not covered under any law in the country.


baby2mom Egg Donation Agency said...

In South Africa, surrogacy is now highly regulated. Several conditions need to be met including:
- Medical requirement for the commissioning parent to need a surrogate
- At least one of the gametes of the commissioning parent should be used
- The surrogate must have had a child
- One of the commissioning parents requires domicilium in South Africa
- The surrogate must be domiciled in South Africa
- A surrogate contract must be in place which must be approved by the High Court.

The approval of the High Court grants parental rights and responsibilities to the Commissioning Parents.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

So if at least one of the parents must live in South Africa it is Intended for people that live in the Country?

No Surrogacy tourism allowed?