Surrogacy - A Duty, A Mission, A Cause........

One thing that about my experience regarding Surrogacy was always very clear to me.

I knew why I was here.

We didn't have a uterus, so we had to find one to have a baby. It was a NEED, not 
a want.

A requirement for us that had no other alternative, but to find a Surrogate.

With limited options, our course for action was clear.

Priority #1 for having a baby was finding a Surrogate.

Now why someone would become a Surrogate is a whole different matter.

You hear all kinds of answers.

  • Surrogacy is in my heart
  • I want to help a couple become a family
  • I am full of compassion for others
  • I meet someone that has gone through infertility and they want to help someone. 

The answers are different for every individual, and I probably have poor examples, but recently, I found an answer that I understand, I can relate to, I can appreciate, and I can respect.

It was an answer to what happens when the Surrogacy is over, but has a line for me
that best describes what I would want as an Intended Parent in a Surrogate that I was going to start a new Surrogacy with in the future.

One Surrogate said:
You go from being someone so relied on and you had a duty and a mission and a cause and then that's gone. And then ... what? I think that's why there is so much "serial surrogacy" that occurs. It's HARD to transition back to the world before surrogacy. It's not to say our families and our lives outside of being a surrogate aren't awesome and amazing. It's just a whole different journey and when it's done there really is a sense of "what now".

This statement requires everyone to being part of a Surrogate and Intended Parent team and become involved with something that is larger than yourself.

If I am starting out in IVF and Surrogacy with:
One Goal. One Mission. One Obsession.

I want to be matched with a Surrogate that is starting:
A Duty. A Mission. A Cause.

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