One goal. One Mission. One Obsession.

You get the call.

It's not one of those calls that startles you awake in the middle of the night with an emergency, but just as scary to get, and the call confirms your worst fears.

The pregnancy test was negative.

Is it any surprise that Infertile people have a higher rate of depression than cancer patients? The only focus of their life has become achieving pregnancy.

One goal. One Mission. One Obsession.

With infertility you are in a daily fight to develop a life. It has strained friendships, finances and your relationship at times.

These couples know what it is like to spend a minimum of $15,000 on one month of infertility treatments, only to get a negative pregnancy test. They know the sting of hearing people ask why they don't just give up or adopt, when their greatest desire in the world is to create a baby with the person they love, just like everyone else.

Like soldiers in combat, the veterans of IVF and Surrogacy band together. They forge close friendships in the charged atmosphere where procreation is the battle.

You can read the blogs of the infertile were they list their struggles and the battles they have fought. Open reminders of the reality that they still don't have a baby.

They know how lives are postponed because of the emotional stress of infertility and the imbalance of not knowing whether it will be just the two of them next year or a family, at long last.

You are in a constant period of mourning, you just get to the point where you just want everything to be over, but the calling for a baby is overwhelming.

So with the negative call and the negative news you are weary, scared, and unsure of yourself.

With nothing but hopes and dreams in your heart you move forward again, with - One goal. One Mission. AND One Obsession.


Anonymous said...

Yep, that call is awful even when you know it is coming. The goal doesn't change so it is a HUGE set back of time energy and finances. Personally, I think if I had unlimited finances it wouldn't be such a long set back each time but it would be hard no matter what.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Unlimited finances wouldn't take the pain away or guarantee that it will work. Martha Stewart's daughter was on Oprah talking about spending $28,000 per month on IVF treatments and she still wasn't being successful.