What Do They Say?

This is a post from Christy. It is in reply to the question "What do your friends and family think about you going through IVF and Surrogacy?"

I would say for the most part it has been VERY positive and supportive.

Here is my list-

My mom- Very supportive but a little concerned someone wants to keep our baby.

My dad- hmmmmmm?? no comment but I have not talked to him directly about it (just my step-mom) But I know he LOVES LOVES LOVES babies and will be thrilled to fall in love again.

My step-mom- horrified HAHAHAH but not so much by surrogacy I think but more so as to why anyone would ever want more than one child in the first place! HAHAHA She said some bad words and basically told me I was stupid. I mentioned to her Jon has never had children and she told me that was his problem and not mine! HAHAHAHA. I followed that up with mention that I have always wanted more children and I have never gotten over not being able to have more. Again, choice words about how stupid I am. (yes, I know she isn't a big kid person so laughed at her and let it go)

My brother and wife - 100% supportive and excited for us.

My sister (mom of 8 kids) - Supportive but struggles with ethics of IVF. She knows she pops out another baby every 14 months or so and clearly has never had to face what I am so she tries to not to let her struggle with the ethical side come into play of her supporting us. I love that she tells me parts she struggles with so we can discuss it and I can tell her the choices we make with IVF and why.

My sister #2- Can't have a baby fast enough for her to love and cuddle.

Jon's mom- 200% supportive. She just wants a new grandbaby to baby to love. Would love even more for us to have more than one so she knows she get can pry one out of my arms and have a turn too.

Jon's dad and Stepmom- Very very excited and hopeful!!!

Jon's sister- As much as it has been explained I don't think she really gets it. Example- After going through all the whys we need to do this and the how's (including I DON'T HAVE A UTERUS) She said, "can I ask you one thing?" "will you just take some time and really consider doing it yourself?" Me- "myself?" "as in what myself?" Her- "will you consider carrying and being pregnant for yourself" Me- "you mean you want me to consider getting pregnant for Jon and not finding a surrogate?" Her- "yes" Me- "as I said, I don't have a uterus" Her- "so you won't consider it?" Me- ?????????.

Noelle (my best friend)- Supportive but I think a little baffled how consumed by this mission we have become. Many of my other friends I've drifted some from during this life consuming mission. They are all supportive but also a bit annoyed my life focus has shifted so far from what they understand. We are still close but it isn't the same as it was before.

My business clients- A bit annoyed by the time and energy they feel I give this baby mission that takes me away from my job but VERY supportive of us possibly having a baby. They were all 100% supportive and cheering us on until last Fall when they saw how much time it took me away from me being there for their every whim.

Most of the new friends I have made in the couple years are all surrogacy related so they are very supportive as we are all on the same mission.


Jenifer said...

Sounds like Jon's sister needs an anatomy lesson......

Cyn said...

Nice to see you posting as well Christy! I've missed hearing your 'voice'.

Millie said...

Hi Christy!
Carrying a baby without at uterus?? hmmmm.

Christy said...

Cyn, Jon is just stealing my posts from EM. :-) This is his place to say what he wants without me saying "you can't say that" or " you REALLY can't say that!!"

Jenifer and Millie,

Yes carrying w/o a uterus would be quite something! haha

Kristin said...

I am glad your family has been overwhelmingly positive. But, it amazes me how simple biology escapes some people (carrying a baby without a uterus, WTF?!?!?!?).

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I will support my sister here a little bit.

I think that the first time she heard we were using a surrogate she was just caught up in the emotional side that Christy would not be carrying my child and wasn't really hearing anything else at the time.

She really has been supportive in the whole process.

Katie said...

What a great list. I'm glad you have so many supportive people behind you.
Here from ICLW

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


We have a large group backing us and cheering for our children. Everyone is counting the days.

Thanks for stopping by.

~ Vicky ~ said...

Just wanted to let you know I was here, and I loved reading this entry! Well the whole blog for that matter :) You explained each person's take wonderfully. I arrived here from: surromomsonline.com

Good luck!