Mr. Vulnerable

Mr. Vulnerable is an idiot and doesn't get to stay around long. Sure he gets a short visit occasionally, but he gets a quick kick in the butt and told to leave.

After 3 transfers and no live birth he made an unannounced visit and stayed past his welcome.

He asked all kids of questions about where the problems where in our relationships with IVF and surrogacy. You know - who's fault is it. That's what Mr. Vulnerable likes to do best, he likes to point fingers and place blame.

Mr. Vulnerable is an idiot - he doesn't have any good qualities.

He does talk a good game though at times and he reels you in and grabs you. Tells you that you need to go over everything and find out where you went wrong.

So - we look at all of the facts and realize - scientifically speaking - we didn't do anything wrong. Even our Doctor warns you going in that this is a roller coaster ride and you need to be mentally prepared.

I really think it's more like Mr. Toads wild ride then a roller coaster.

Either way, we are on the ride, let's keep moving.

Mr. Vulnerable is an idiot, he is shown his way out the door - Now meet - Mr. Oddsmaker.


Jaymee said...

I have his wife over for coffee every once in a while. She is just as bad.

I swear one day I am going to design Mr. Toad's Horrible Infertility Adventure. Then I am going to make everyone who makes stupid comments ride.

nh said...

Stupid, stupid visitors - get rid of Mr. Vulnerable; but when you do let me know how please!

Cyn said...

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride scared the crud out of me. I couldn't believe they would put that ride in Fairytale Land!

Christy said...

Jaymee please design that ride!! I have a few people that need to pre-sale some tickets to. :-)

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


Everyone goes through their own struggles in life. Ours just happens to be infertility at the moment. Once we have a baby we will struggle about something else.

That is the never ending cycle.

I just ignore the people that don't know any better and move on.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


I get rid of Mr. Vulnerable by brining in Mr. Excited. I will introduce you to him soon.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


It is a crazy ride that just jerks you around the whole time. It's not really a lot of fun.