Mr. Oddsmaker

Now it's time for Mr. Oddsmaker to show up at the door. I like him. He is a good friend of mine and we go way back.

Mr. Oddsmaker is very informal. In our first conversation he's "like dude this IVF thing is not about you, it's all in the odds. You know that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but you got to play to win."

After talking to him I start to consider that he is on to something very important to remember. The odds are what they are no matter who you are. There is no such thing in IVF of - hey I am very deserving and have waiting my turn in line - where is my baby.

There is no obstacle course that you can say - hey, I have passed every test - where is my baby.

It really just comes down to - how many times do I need to attempt IVF to - have my baby arrive?

The Odds, are the Odds, are the Odds. You can't change them. You just need to learn what they are and accept them.

There are two other blogs that deal with this very well. First, you have babysmiling talks about the odds being a coin flip.

Then murgdan talks about the odds as rolling dice.

These are both very true analogies.

I am a sports guy though so it always comes back to sports. I have been trained my entire life to accept failure as par for the course. The misses, the mistakes, the errors, the strike outs, and the losses do not define you as a player.

What defines you is simply did you play with honor, did you enjoy the competition, and did you win the game.

You see players all of the time struggle through tough times and adversity and then at the end they pull it all together and get the job done.

If you watched the Olympic games recently, you will not find one Gold medal winner that doesn't tell a story about all of the adversity and struggles they had to go through to achieve their dream.

You just need to keep you eye on the prize, the win, the baby.

With a new found vision Mr. Oddsmaker - meet - Mr. Excited.


Cyn said...

I can't wait to hear from Mr. Excited! Mr. Oddsmaker is so right though. As long as everyone is playing by the rules there is no way of affecting the outcome, it's IVF!

Christy said...

I embrace Mr. OddsMaker a little too much at times. I cheer him on when we break all the odds on the positive side and then curse him when he lets me see the negative side. I can't help but feel like I am in line for my turn but then my RE tells me Mr. Oddsmaker resets the score every time we try again! Jerk.....I'd like him to keep score so he knows when the odds should be in my favor for a change because I've seen what the odds against me look like to well.

heidi said...

Hi, i have been lurking and thought this was the perfect time to post something. We are expecting our first child TOGETHER,( i have 4 children from a previous marriage) through our GS this Dec. We truly beat the odds of having only 2 embryos and only one making the thaw process and that ONE has made it so far (25 weeks). my doc kept telling me, "it only takes just ONE!" Just wanted to inroduce myself and say i really enjoy reading your blog.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


Mr. Excited is next on the list.

It is to bad that there is no way to beat the odds with IVF.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


That is a wonderful story. It does only take just one.

I am glad that you like reading my blog. I like people that comment back to me.

Thank you for sharing.

Murgdan said...

Hey thanks for linking my 'Rollin' Sixes' post. I just rolled another non-6 this month...ready to toss again though...

I like the whole Olympics 'eye on the prize' philosophy. I just feel like maybe this is the Special Olympics or something...'cause let's face it...we're having to try EXTRA hard.