Your Pilot Today Will Be........

The Surrogate is your pilot and tour guide for the duration of your pregnancy.

She can take you on a trip like Mr. Toads Wild Ride that is full of bumps, jerks, and sharp turns.

Or, like The Magic Teacups with a never ending spin cycle.

Or, it can be like staying at a 5 star hotel or sailing on a high priced luxury liner. Where your needs are meet before you even knew you had them.

Your IVF fears are there no matter who the surrogate is because they are not under anyone's control. The facts and issues of IVF are what they are and can't be changes by anyone.

However, when you go on a trip your pilot and tour guide can help keep everything smooth or spin everything out of control.

Many times you can get on an airplane and be nervous to fly. It is bad weather outside and you don't know how this big plane really stays up in the air. Then your pilot comes on the air with a calm reassuring voice telling you that everything is going to be okay - and you can relax knowing that a responsible person will get you to your destination.

If you pilot came on the air and was in the middle of a panic attack - you would be trying to find out how to get off of the plane as fast as possible and fly on another carrier.

So if your pilot is under control and emotionally stable it helps you relax and enjoy the flight.

The surrogate has the same power and can keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time biting your nails or allow you to be calm and relax while they get you to your destination.

And if we can just get the surrogate to bring me cold fruity drinks the whole time on demand - now were talking a great trip. I think we need to have that added to the next contract.


Jenn said...

Tall fruity drinks, got it. LOL.

You know, I agree and disagree. I think that the attitude of the surrogate means a lot but I think the trust the IP's have in the surro means more. Even if your surro has a sunny disposition every day, if you don't trust them then you won't trust that either. So, personally, I think TRUST is the biggest issue in the relationship. Trust, my friend, is a tall fruity drink.. .. ..

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Trust is the foundation of the relationship. Without it you can't believe anything that you are told and are constantly on Mr. Toads Wild Ride.

Gina said...

I agree that trust is the key to the ease of the "flight" you take. I think a lot of emotion goes along with surrogacy from all sides. In the best of situations it can be hard at times. To me, another key element is just trying to always be realistic about things. If you go into something with the right frame of mind and a logical/realistic attitude, it's much easier to remain calm for the long haul or as bumps in the road happen.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


When your Surrogate loses her logic and sense of reality watch out!

Everyone she knows gets to hear a different story and it doesn't matter what your attitude is - your going over bumps.

You just better hope that your seatbelt is on tight because your going on a ride.