WE are not Broken

As I write this Blog I feel that I have a fine line to walk. My nature is to tell a positive story. I prefer to talk about what I want in life and where I am headed and I don't like to talk or focus on the negative. I prefer to keep my eye on the prize with a lazer sharp intensity.

Then people ask me questions or I write a post that is very thoughtful and describe some of the tough times that IP's go through. It might be my direct experience or I might be making a general statement about how IP's in general think or feel about a subject.

I continually think - I don't want to post that it makes me sound broken. And that is not the case.

Sure we have faced some tough struggles during our Adventure with Surrogacy and I don't want to downplay them, but we want to keep the focus on our future healthy children.

We do need someone to help carry a baby for us. It will take another person to make our family complete.

How many people have faced similar circumstances?

How many of you have your hands up? I believe that most of you should.

How many of you have needed someone to help "keep" your family complete?

I think every family has a similar story to tell. Someone has helped them and their family.

Let's take Surrogacy out of the equation and change it from a Surrogate helping to create a life to someone helping to save a life.

This list is endless. I have a cousin that is a lifeguard and he has saved many people from drowning. Maybe a Doctor, nurse, or paramedic has saved someone you love.

My dad had neighbors and firemen save his house last year during the San Diego fires. Last year, Christy's sister had cancer and doctor's helped cure her and keep her alive.

I can think of many stories about liver, kidney, or heart transplants that help keep people alive. It could be as simple as giving blood to help someone else live.

Yes, we need help to create a life, that might not be very common. Most of you though have had the experience where someone has helped your family by saving the life of someone you care about deeply.

They are very similar - people needing other people at their moment of need. When they are most vulnerable.

You see........ We are not broken. We are just human.

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