Building A Winning Team

When we started on Surrogacy World we were new comers with no clue how to find our way around. We didn't have any answers - and even worse - we didn't even know what questions to ask.

How do you even know where to begin? IVF world has very few Intended Parents that are willing to speak. If you just look at your normal gossip magazine you will see many Hollywood stars having twins at an advanced age - magically.

As first time IP's we want with a first time surrogate and figured that we can all learn at the same speed.

Now as we head into our second journey we want seasoned veterans like ourselves. No Rookies for us this time around.

At the start our team was two people entering the vast unknown world of IVF and Surrogacy.

As 5th year senior's we are better prepared for everything that is coming our way. Plus, our team has grown and is very experienced and knowledgeable about Surrogacy World. This adds to our comfort level.

We have started an IP message board with over 100 members. We have a support group of Smurfs that have done it all.

The family team consists of 2 ips, 2 Surrogates, 2 surrogates husbands, the surrogates children, a PIG, everybody's grandma and grandpa, Aunt's and Uncles.

The support team includes our friends that our on their own journey as we share the highs and lows of the experience. Our fans include Smurf's and Wim's and many others.

The medical team will include the RE and his staff, 2 OB's and their staff, maybe a Peri or two, the hospital staff at the birth, and some insurance reps chasing everybody around like Sambo.

As you can see the team is very large and growing everyday. This is a developing team and we need to place everyone in a position where they can be successful - so that our team can be successful.

We are building a special team for a special journey.


Cyn said...

I'm not sure if you'd call me a spectator or a cheerleader, but I'm definitely excited to see your team take the court and hope to be right there supporting you all the whole way!!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

How about we make you a booster. It's easy just write a check. Just like at the college level. If you make a large enough donation you can come to the transfer, still more you can be at the first ultra-sound, a little more and you can be at the birth, and with a large enough donation we will even change the surrogates name on the blog to Cyn.

Cyn said...

It's nice to know I can always count on you as a chuckle!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

You can laugh at me all you want as long as the checks keep coming.