Announcing our Surro's

The voting has been complete and we have our Surro's names. These out the names that I will be using on my blog.

Ajysyt and Isis.

Ajysyt - The literal meaning is "Birthgiver". You can pronounce it as asia-sit.

She is the Mother goddess of the Turkic Yakut people from the Lena River region of Siberia.

Ajysyt was responsible for conducting the soul of a newborn child to its birth and attended every birth. She kept a golden book in which she recorded each one. She is said to have lived in a mountain, from which she controlled the fate of the world.

In legend she appeared to a white youth out of the roots of the Cosmic Tree (or world pillar of Yryn-al-tojon) which itself stood beside a lake of milk. By suckling the youth from her breasts she caused his strength to increase a hundredfold.

Isis - Her name literally means "queen of the throne."

One of the most important female deities, Isis was the protectress of motherhood, healer of the sick, and protectress of women.

She also rules magic - especially protection and healing.

Sick with grief concerning the murder of her husband Osiris by his brother Set, Isis reconstructed and reanimated his corpse long enough for it to impregnate her with their only son Horus.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the Nile flooded every year because of her tears of sorrow for her dead husband, Osiris. Her methods for getting pregnant and having a child were unconventional, but many people think that our methods are unconventional as well.

Her story does show how far someone will go to have a baby. She was determined and committed to making it happen. It could be thought of as an early version of IVF.

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