Surrogacy In India

Much has been said recently about Surrogacy in India. Most of it is by Surrogates or non-infertiles that don't have to face the need of using IVF and Surrogacy or leaving their country to have a child.

When I originally arrived on IVF Land on Surrogacy World India wasn't even in my sites. I never even gave it a thought. After being here for awhile I did have to look into that option. Any consumer making a major purchase would look into all of their options before buying.

So we go exploring, on the web, from the safety of my home to India to research the IVF cost.

The first shocking fact that I find out is that India was second by only a few weeks for the first IVF birth. They have been doing this for a very long time. Who Knew?

A major plus in the whole thing is that the Surrogate is changing our Family forever, and we are doing the same for hers. The amount of money that she is earning in relationship to her countries normal pay is life changing. How cool is that?

Many people want to attack the laws in India, but here in the USA we have 50 different states that each have their own pluses or minuses in regards to surrogacy. There are only a few true pro-surrogacy states.

However, in the end, India is just to far for us to travel. At the same time we will defend an IP that chooses this as the best way to go for their family.

Because I will tell you, if Mexico had the same situation going on as India with Surrogacy.

México, ¡allá voy!

That translates to: Mexico, I'm going there!

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