Canada Surrogacy OR Surrogacy Panama?

With one Mexican Surrogacy under way I am looking at doing the International Surrogacy Double Trouble.

Why do the same exact thing again when there is a whole world to explore.

One option is Canada Surrogacy. The will take US couples. The weather is great in the Summer. The price is right at $5,600 Canadian which is around $5,200 USD.

It's an English speaking country - at least on the West Coast. And it would be a nice safe place to visit - a country where they are not chopping off people's heads on a daily basis.

This would be a plus in their column.

Another option is Panama. Or actually Panama City.

We are back to a 3rd world country and your back to Spanish. However, it's sunny and warm year-round. And would be the bigger adventure.

They will provide surrogates for a fee, but we would of course expect to bring our own.

My Motto:

Have surrogate - will travel.

I am like a woman - worried about my biological clock and in a rush for my next child. Not Paco, who is on his way, but Paco demands a sibling. I can hear him yelling at me already. He is a demanding child. And a sibling will sooth him.

Or at least give him someone else to boss around.

Besides the biological clock - we are up against the IVF clock.

While the our biological clock is running fast and speeding up everyday as our eggs turn to dust.

The IVF clock slows the world down. And you can't control it. What you want to have be a fast project IVF turns into a multi-year project. Days turn into weeks, then months, and quickly years are piling up without results.

The majority of couples that started blogging the same time as me in 2008 or just now pregnant like us. Expecting a baby in 2010. That's a long delay from start to finish and I am not in a place to a patient man.

My biological clock is ticking.

So where do you want to go?

Canada, Panama, or Mexico?


Cyn said...

Do you need a passport for all of the choices? I looked into the passport process and it seems like a lot of work. IVF? piece of cake. Obtaining a passport? a lot of work.

I do however find it interesting that Canada is a lower cost option than the US.
I have several Canadian friends, and I like speaking English.
The food is probably better too!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Passports are easy to get if you are a US citizen. You just need a birth certificate and a photo ID.

It takes 4-6 weeks by mail, but when I went to France and needed one right away I went to the San Francisco office and got mine the same day.

It recently, took Christy 48 hours to get hers.

Mexican food is hard to beat and is a favorite of mine so that is a plus in their column.

Of course, you think Canadian food would be safe, but when I was in Quebec years ago I ordered a pizza and it came with bologna as a topping. I was not happy.

Also, the people were rude and would only speak French to you - even though they also could speak English.

Needless to say - I am looking at West Coast Canadian Cities.

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Speaking from a fellow Canadian. We aren't big fans of Quebec. They are rude and most us Canadians try not to admit we are connected to them.

Isn't surrogacy in Canada altruistic? How will that work for you guys?

Are you guys using another surrogate or going to do a back to back cycle with your current one?

How exciting for you guys! We are not ready for number 2 just yet, but will hopefully be in the next year or so.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


That is a good question about surrogacy in Canada being altruistic. I figure that we would just bring a "friend" with us for the transfer.

I am looking into what paperwork or contracts we would need to sign with the clinic to prove our "friendship".

If we are only there for the transfer and deliver in the US - I would expect US law to take precedence.

I don't know how fast we will be moving, but we want to use our own eggs which gives us a very short window.

I always wanted two surrogates so that our children would be born within the same year. That is why I started the Tale of Two Surros Blog. To tell that story.

Our current surrogate agreed to be one of two before we started the process so she has approved this from the start and is supportive of the idea of us having a second surro.

All in All we are looking at starting fairly soon.