Real Boys Wear Pink

Christy has already bought thousands of outfits for Paco. Now we don't know if Paco is a Boy or Girl yet so she can't get to cute in her selections. I have told her to wait until we have a baby in our arms to buy clothes.

Diapers are enough for the first 6 months. Maybe, even longer.

Diapers and Blankets - Why would you need anything else?

Christy came home with this sweatshirt and I told her that I would let my boy wear it.

Her response was "you will not be dressing our child."

She said it like I was being punished.

I don't think she understands that the child will have a mother - so of course I will not be dressing the child.

Except of course, when I babysit.

My statement though did have one important effect. It slowed down her clothes buying for at least a day.
And when she started back-up I have yet to see a pink outfit.

My big question though is - while I would understand this would be a girls outfit if it had a pink pony, flower, or princess, but when did CUPCAKES become a girls only item? Boys like cupcakes too.

And Real Boys Wear Pink.


Cyn said...

You can put the sweatshirt on the boy, but the pants? I think that is really the problem.
When did Christy get so much free time to shop?

Love that you're blogging again!

Christy said...

#1 No boy of my will be wearing a pink cupcake and since you seem to think diapers and blankets are appropriate attire for the first 6 months I have no worries of you ever dressing Paco :p

#2 "babysit"???!!! for the millionth time you cannot "babysit" your own child. It is commonly referred to as

Poor naked un-parented Paco....

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


Okay, maybe she hasn't bought thousands of items yet. How about three. Which is three more then I am ready to own.

And right now, I have to blog fast. I only have two more days to make sex jokes.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


I guess we see who wears the pants in this family.


Christy said...

If only I was in charge..the world would be so perfect. haha

Not my fault you only wear shorts :P

Cyn said...

3? She's bought 3 outfits and the cupcake sweatshirt was one of them?

I didn't realize we were all unaware of who wears the pants.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Christy tells me that she is just training me for when we have a daughter.

This future girl (Paca) in my life will be the boss of all bosses.