How Do You Say Ostrich?

One of the funny parts of our trip to Guadalajara for IVF was going shopping at the Bazaar and at one booth
they were selling Ostrich boots. This was at a location that doesn't get a lot of English speaking customers
and the other IVF couple that was with us were bi-lingual and explained that they guy was telling us in Spanish that these were Ostrich boots.

The shoe salesman had never heard the word Ostrich before and was excited to learn the new word. He said it at least 10 times before we moved on. We passed him about 3 more times that day and every time we saw him he would yell out with a big smile OSTRICH.

He was so excited about the new word that he had learned.

For me, that is also the key word for how I have approached the pregnancy.

Once, we got the CVS test back telling us that the baby was healthy I have prepared myself by being the best Ostrich
that I can be the rest of the way.

This is not my nature - I am usually more hands on - but worked well for me.

We knew that the baby was healthy.
The surrogate was taking care of the baby.
The doctor was watching the baby and the surrogate.
Christy was watching all of them.

Everyone had a job to do.

Mine was to act like an Ostrich.

I have stayed grounded by keeping me head buried deep in the sand.
Between the basketball playoff games of course.

Maybe, this hasn't worked out the best, but all of the sand on my head has kept me from running around like a chicken without a head.

Stuck in one place and unable to move - at least mentally - worked well for me.

Let's hope I can keep it up for a few more weeks.


Cyn said...

Ok, so I can totally hear Christy's voice saying, "Ostrich!"
There is nothing wrong with keeping the head down, in the sand or in the clouds, whichever works for you.
3 posts in 1 week, I'm not sure what to say!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I can't let the truth get in the way of a good story.

If you really wanted to hear her freak out - it was the word terrorist - yesterday.

That was fun.