My surrogate is SO lucky.........

I recently watched a new movie called google baby. It was an interesting take on Surrogacy in India.

A big part of the movie shows the Surrogates living "a life of luxury" as the sit or lay down in a room together
on wall to wall cots. The room has a TV in the corner and the staff brings them food.

They are basically on bed rest for the entire pregnancy.
Then their husband and kids would come and visit them during the day.

It actually looks like a surrogate jail - where they get "three hots and a cot."

As I watched the show it is really easy for me to think "how inhuman" and "undignified"
the experience must be for the India Surrogate women.

In our case our surrogate is far away, lives with her family, has a job that gets her out of the house often,
and gets to pick/choose her own diet without my interference or suggestions.

Now to be honest, after giving the whole idea a few days of thought, I have some to realize that if my Surrogate
was in the same town as me, the conversation would go like this -

Do you want to lay down on the bed or sit on the coach?
Do you need some water?
Have you had any protein today?
What kind of fruit would you like?
Do you want to watch a movie?
Are you going to eat that fruit?
Would you like me to get you a magazine?
Eat that fruit!
Here is another glass of water.
Drink up....

Are you ready for more fruit?

How about now?

Ummmm.... why are you getting up off of the coach?
Sit down....Lay down.......Here.
Do you need another pillow.

Let me get you more water.
To go with your fruit.

I can say with 100% confidence I would be saying those words in a loop.

ALL Day Long.

For the ENTIRE pregnancy.

Our surrogate would be fighting for a C-section.

So that she could get away from the crazy person (me) as soon as possible.

I just can't help thinking that my surrogate is SO lucky that she lives in another state.


Cyn said...

Aren't you worried about all that fruit. Surely too much fruit can't be good for anyone.
There are definitely pros and cons to living close by and living further away.
On the plus side, although she'd be in the bathroom A LOT, she would also know that mom and dad got to feel little ATA moving around all the time.
I still haven't seen the show, but I've heard about it several times now, although you've touched on things that others hadn't.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I am not worried about any surrogate eating too healthy. Besides we will mix in some vegetables
with the fruit.

As an IP I only see the unhealthy things that go in her mouth.

We have very selective eyesight.

Cyn said...

This makes me curious as to how much tongue biting my IP's did. Love the perspectives.

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Just a point to note that not ALL Indian surrogates have this type of housing. This I believe was a spot on the program in Anand. Our surrogate (from SurrogacyIndia in Mumbai) stayed at home with her family and was provided transportation to and from her appts., etc. She was not given a strict diet and had very little restrictions.

I have not seen the spot on Google, but it is too bad if that is the way it portrays surrogacy in India as the vast majority of programs are not like this at all.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

The way they describe it is that the women are living on the street and doing this to buy a house.

The Dr. has her hand in every part of the operation from dealing with the Intended Parents on price and then the Surrogate on costs.

All babies are born on Tuesday's which makes it sound like she just does a mass C-section day.

It appears to be a very streamlined process.

We went to Mexico and many of the things that the clinic's do are different then what we would expect from a US doctor.

One of the complaints I read online about our doctor is that he will give you an ultrasound with one and be working with his blackberry with the other.

That did not happen to us, but I would not be shocked to hear that it happened to others.

I was more shocked about the picture of a family riding a moped in India. The entire family of 4 people on one small moped. Complete with the kid on the handlebars.