Our baby comes for Jihad.

A few weeks ago we were told that our baby is coming for Jihad.

A little terrorist that was coming with a bomb.

Set to detonate at birth.

To kill herself - or the surrogate.

Are baby comes with presents - how nice of her.

We were told that we have Vasa Previa or/and
Placenta Previa.

A simple definition means that there are blood vessels that can break during labor
and the baby or surrogate can bleed out.

The countdown for the bomb going off was the babies birth date.

Now to beat the bomb we were told that a C-section was required and would avoid
the wiring of the bomb, by coming out the escape hatch.

Our September 7th - natural birth date was changed.

Our "beat the bomb" birth date was tentatively scheduled for August 24th.

Someone, didn't like the "beat the bomb" plan. And made some moves now -
ahead of schedule - a clear sign of determination. Or just good luck.

The Previa moved. Out of harms way.

So now - for today - we are back to a VBAC.

Our set scheduled C-section date is now a floating date to be determined.

And the bomb has been disarmed.
With everyone safe and worry free.

For Today.


Cyn said...

Well, this post explains alot-I just had to read it VERY carefully and stop trying to guess what was coming (darn foreshadowing). There was a minute there when I thought I'd missed somebody's horrible comment and actually thought that a horrible blogger had threatened you/your child!
Now the real tale is not quite as horrible as the imagined ending I was creating whilst reading the post.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Nobody said anything bad to me. Since I stopped posting everyone ignores me and leaves me alone.

I have no friends left to insult me.