Infertility Changes The World.....

Being an infertile changes how you view the world. And Changes the world itself in very direct
and long lasting ways.

My current example is from the Showtime Series called the Tudors.

Now I know that I am watching a dramatization and adaption of history and
not a straight and historically accurate telling of history.

And I have only watched Season 1. So I am limited to my knowledge of the show.

But, in a lot of ways, the person that tells the best story is the one that writes history.
And accuracy is seldom obtained.

So, in all fairness, I will twist a tale that has already been twisted,
so that I can tell a good tale.

Bare with me.

As we all know, or have been told, Henry the 8th was famous for beheading his wife's.

In truth, he only beheaded two of his six wives.

Primarily because they failed to produce a son.

(Christy is lucky to be born after the invention of IVF)

The most famous, Anne Boleyn (his second wife) was accused of whitchcraft, adultery, incest and high treason.

Although the evidence against them was unconvincing, she and 5 men were found guilty and condemned to death by their peers.

That is a high price to pay for infertility.

But, Henry the 8th was a very focused man.

He needed a son.

The Catholic church wouldn't grant him a divorce from his infertile first wife.
And he needed a divorce because his first wife couldn't deliver a male heir to the thrown.

He NEEDED a male heir the the thrown.

It wasn't a WANT - It was a NEED.

At least he saw it this way.

Because the Catholic Church wouldn't give him his way and allow him a divorce so
he could marry a fertile woman and have a legitimate heir.

He only had one choice -

He kicked the Catholic Church out of England and started the Church of England.

He gave the Catholic Church's land away - this transferred a fifth of England's landed wealth into new hands. People that saw things his way.

A rebellion of 30,000 men started against the changes and 200 rebels were killed and he got his way.

So - the history lesson of the day is -

If anyone asks you how the Protestant Church started - you can tell them -

It was started by an infertile person. And their pain changed the world.


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