Shopping - On Day 12

On day 12 we need to go shopping and Christy and I take our 12 day old baby with us.

Christy has a disability and can't see over or around the cart when we place the car seat
in the front section of the cart so I end up doing most of the pushing.

Christy has left me to search for an item and I am left alone with the baby and the cart.

I see a lady pushing her cart and child and she is looking past me. I am clearly in the
way so I move to get out of her way when she asks me "how old is your baby?"

I tell her 12 days.

And she responds with "brave man."


"Is she yours?"


"Is her mother here?"

Clearly concerned.

This is when I notice that her child that is riding in her cart appears to be around
9 years old.

Christy was nearby and overheard the conversation. As she came over the women left.

Christy found it odd that the women would ask "is it yours." She wanted to know who kidnaps
12 day old babies and takes them shopping.

The 'is it yours question' is one that I have already heard many times and was not fazed in the least.

I was much more concerned with why this lady was pushing her 9 year old around in a cart.

I have already told Christy that I stroller turns into a wheel chair as soon as the child can walk and that
our child doesn't need to be in a wheel chair.


Cyn said...

Hilarious!! Good to have you back!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Hilarious is listening to Christy read the story.