Rolling and Growing....

We had our first doctor's appointment the other day and everything was great with the baby.

The only negative was the nurse that couldn't measure very well and told us we are the same
length that we were at birth. I should have asked her to explain how we are already out growing
our newborn clothes.

Our legs are very long.

We also have a little dare devil already.

She loves monkey rolls were she lays on her back and rolls over to be face down and then rolls
quickly to be on her back again. The faster the better.

Of course, this is in brief segments between her normal schedule of eating, peeing, pooping, sleeping, and crying.

Add a long walk around downtown for the parents as she lays in her picnic basket of a stroller and that is a full day.


Cyn said...

She's really rolling on her own already? Daddy Boot Camp must've worked. She's so adorable and changing every day!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Rolling is mostly a team activity.

But, she can involuntarily roll over from her back to her stomach.